Multiple tractor trailers involved in fatal crash on I-80

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    I did not see anything else posted about this. I think the driver was a 30 year safe driver, on Founders Day. Very sad.

    Multiple tractor trailers involved in crash on I-80 in Kidder Township -
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    Any idea where he was based out of? Didn't hear anything about that this week...
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    RIP Tracy, 35 years Circle of Honor driver.
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    Over 35 years. He was out of Jersey I believe. Fog seemed to be a big factor in the accident.
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    Is that article correct, 71 years of age?

    Terrible loss.
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    Parsippany driver, #1 on the list RIP.
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    R.I.P. driver
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    Division Manager was in our building the day after it happened. Said instead of it being a great day (Founders Day), it was the worst day in his 34 years at UPS. 41 year employee, I thought he said 41yr safe driving, maybe I misunderstood, certainly Circle of Honor. He said he didn't have a chance, never even hit the brakes.
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    I would rather drive on ice than in the fog.

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    I will never judge another driver's reasons for when they do or don't retire, but man, shoot me if I'm still working at UPS at the age of 71. If I worked at UPS to the age of 71, that be 53 years working here. I will die someday, but I don't want to have my monkey suit when I do.
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    these kind of stories give me the nightmares I have. took my disabled wife for a 2 hr drive around the Lake Tahoe area yesterday. not a good idea since it is Labor day weekend. I was a nervous wreck worrying about drunks and other careless drivers ( did not let on to wife though )

    so sorry for this loss. sad.