Mutiny About Bounties


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This is make believe. Bush was president when Sept 11th occurred, that's all I posted. Trump has failed in his response to the coronavirus and more importantly, trump himself was praising China's and the Chinese president's responses to covid19. So again if trump fans are going to pretend to blame China, then trump has to look like a huge incompetent fool for repeating Chinese propaganda about their handling of covid19 by praising china's handling of covid19.
And as far as 9/11 goes it was very interesting that GW's first action after the attack(once he finished reading "My Pet Goat") was to whisk a large number of Saudi's onto a homeward bound jet. Of course 15 of the 19 hijackers were ....wait for it....Saudis.
You two should get together and burn some American flags this weekend.


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Taking down those towers must have involved some time to plan it all out.
Now who was president while they did that?