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    Not the stork. As everyone knows the personality I portray on here is one that everyone hates. I take things to the extreme and stereotype the Teamsters. To be honest in my time at UPS I have met thousands of people, some good, and some bad. I have had so many employees, all of which I know by their first name, by the way. Most of them were good people just trying to get by and provide for their families, and for that I need to stop the teamster, as a group, bashing. There has always been that small percent though, that always thought UPS owed them something. There has always been that small percent that took pride in giving management a hard time. I see and hear union employees pick on supervisors that are young enough to be their children. I see grown men laughing and mocking management when things go wrong at work. Yet union workers still want, want, and want. If someone wanted something from me, I wouldn’t give it to them unless they cared about me. If something happened at work, like a belt ripping, how many people would rush to the damaged belt that transports the packages that keep you employed to help, and how many of you would sit back and laugh. Sometimes I think that because UPS is mostly part time help that people are just immature and our workforce is immature because, the mature people have full time real jobs. Another part of me thinks that there is a greater good in every person. The union is a great thing to have and at times I wished I had one. Remember one thing though, if the doors close at UPS tomorrow, your union wouldn’t be any worth to you for long. So when you act, ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing. Ask yourself if the supervisor that was doing bargaining work for five minutes is worth a grievance or a simple one on one talk with, man to man.

    The other thing, when I found out about the turkeys I was devastated. Now obviously I couldn’t buy everyone a turkey but I put out a nice spread out of my own pocket for all my employees. Management and Union sat together and ate as much food as they could in 15 minutes. It was like the pilgrims and Indians. We worked things out and that night alone made the company a better place. I still will continue to target the “union heads” that are only in it for themselves. I still will continue to correct people I believe that are wrong. I would like to say to the good people of UPS, the people that care about the company and its future…… Thank You…
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    Ha ha -don't flatter yourself. Everyone don't hate you. I think you are one of the funniest comedians on the Brown Cafe. Kind of like Don Rickles:wink2:
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    In any organization or it UPS, the NBA, McDonalds, or whatever.....5% of the people simply arent worth a damn.

    The Teamsters are no exception. UPS management is no exception.

    How we deal with that inevitable 5% in our daily lives makes the difference between sanity and chaos, between success and failure.

    Taking our frustrations out on the remaining 95% isnt the solution. At times, I have probably been as guilty of this as anyone else. Its an easy trap to fall into.
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    You are welcome.


    I have never really known how to take your posts this one thread has changed what I thought of you...

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    I never said you were one of the good ones....
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    You didnt need to.
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    That's what the duck said to alligator...right before he ate him.
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    In any organization or it UPS, the NBA, McDonalds, or whatever.....5% of the people simply arent worth a damn.

    Fitting term.

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    But your union protects the ones that aren't worth a damn. Can you imagine what the relationship between UPS and IBT would be like if you cut the bad seeds loose. Everyone would get two turkeys a year.
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    Must have had a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future !!!

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    i have an internet crush on UPSSOCKS.

    he is so right. soooooooooo right.
  13. UPSSOCKS, nice followup from yesterday!
    I hated you when I first started reading the bashing you were giving the hourlies, but then realized that your "character" actually adds quite a bit to the whole thing. I believe there are managers that are as you portry yourself to be, but I know down deep, you're probably a good guy that has his "moments".
    I actually thought the manager and the turkey Avatar was pretty funny
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    Who stole Socks log-in, and what have you done with the real Socks???
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    If Socks would've started the speech with "My fellow Americans....", might have caught my attention. Otherwise that is waaaay too much reading. Cliff notes please? Something in bullet form.
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    By bad seeds you mean the managment tards too? We have i think more than 5% of those cuz ya'll dont hold each other accountable for your brain fart mistakes.
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    Dear UPSSOCKS,

    This is quite a change from the tone of your previous posts! It is an excellent press release!

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    Everyone should be given a chance but when they are a non stop screw up that's when the Union rep needs to have the "Come to Jesus talk with him or her".

    I knew quite a few good BA's and shop stewards that were good counselors for the "can't fix stupid" hourly ones!

    Thank you UPSSOCKS for your press release...:happy2:

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    Management bad seeds are different. Mistakes are made everyday. Management makes mistakes everyday. Small mistakes by management are no different than a union employee getting a misload. I am not saying to hang those guys. When a management person makes a crucial mistake, the company does not back or protect them. If a management person comes in late or no call no shows repeatedly they are shown the door or the will get demoted. If a union person does it, you give them multiple chances and then when you terminate them, it gets grieved and then to arbitration. Why protect these people. Eventually they get their job back. If the union would take a stance against bad employees the company would be very grateful in return. The problem is if you got rid of the bad seeds it would create more time for the part time employees, and open up some new opportunities for people. Your union sees it as a loss of union dues. So who does the union really care about. The hardworking peolple of the union, or their bank accounts.

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    The union is alot like the catholic church, they don't care what's going on, just as long as when they pass the basket around people are filling it up.