My drunk friend and the UPS driver.

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by Raditude, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Raditude

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    It was late at night, and a group of my friends drove out to a McDonalds that was part of a truck stop. One of my female friends was drunk, and we thought we would exploit her by taking her out in public.

    A UPS driver came in to get something to eat, and this particular UPS driver, had brown skin. My drunk female friend looked at him, and thought he was hot, and said "Ooh, hey." I looked at her and asked, "What can Brown do for you?" which obviously was a double-entendre. She got embarrassed and tried to deny that she liked him, but all my friends and I laughed, and tried to convince her to talk to him.

    I guess you would have to have been there.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I'm actually glad that I wasn't there.
  3. dilligaf

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    You must be in a good mood this morning, darlin. :happy-very:
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes--thank you.:wink2:
  5. pickup

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    Well, we both knew he was going to respond to this one, and I had the storm windows down for the response, I didn't expect the response to be so mild
  6. dilligaf

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    It's nice to see ya smilin. :happy2:
  7. cachsux

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    She`s lucky he didn`t take her out back and show her his Over 70. If she`s available we have a Canadian friend who`s right up her alley.