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    Recently I've been hired by UPS. After completing my medical, road test and required 40 hours of computer training 4 other guys and I were send to meet a supervisor who would show us our routes. Well, the day I went out for route training was 105*F. Dressed in supplied shirt and long pants I was sweating out of my mind, trying to intake as much DIAD info as I could. After delivering over 50 packages into boiling hot mostly walk up buildings (5th 4th floors) I asked the supervisor for a break. I literary felt like I was going to pass out. He said no problem and did some of the deliveries on his own. Next day when I went for training I was said that a guy that was on vacation came back and took the route and there was no training routes available and I should call him next week to see if any routes have opened up.
    Did I make a mistake asking for a break? I thought that UPS employees were entitled to at least lunch break. Was training a new guy in 105*F a good idea? I feel like I was punished. What does it all mean? Do I have a job or not, after all I was hired. Please share your thoughts.
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    When you are a trainee or summer coverage the work can be sporadic. Just because you asked for a break on a 105 degree day doesn't mean he was mad. Maybe they had enough staffing for the rest of the week and next week will be different. I think you will be ok don't jump to conclusions this place is crazy enough with out you speculating.
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    Welcome to UPS ... it gets worse.

    What 407 posted sounds about right.
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    If UPS wanted the OP to work I'm sure theres plenty of people that would take the day off. By us they want the seasonals working so they don't quit.
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    Think about getting thick skin. This place requires it. It's like a punch in the nose that just keeps happening you have to grow to like that smell when your nose is busted. Embrace it it's your new disfunctuonal family I'm your brother your manager is dad and your sup is your mom. Your union brothers are the people of all walks of life jerks nice guys gossipers and know it all's.
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    A likely scenario is the sup was out in browns in 105 degrees. Its Friday, and theres no way that sup wants to be out of their air conditioned office in that.