My first week as driver and didnt get paid....

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    Last week was my first week being a Driver I checked my paycheck today and i only got paid for 5 hours(from working in the building local sort) I worked about 30hours last week as a driver
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    Hey, Dave. Yet, another person who has a paycode issue with UPS. Will we hear BS on this poor soul??

    Sorry about that, cat fight between me and another driver in my local.

    You were not put in the system. No one verified your hours and forwarded them to payroll. Call you center manager and inform him. They have 24 hours to get your money to you. A 'green check' is what it's called. If it isn't rectified you can file a grievance with you Business Agent and UPS will have to pay penalties. But, don't push that too hard at first. Just notify your Center Manager TODAY!!!! I am sure it was an unintentional oversight.
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    Make a copy of your paystub and give it to your on car sup. He/she will take care of it. It was most likely an oversight and will show up in next week's check.
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    Its part of the "new" up-coming contract, new hires do not get paid for driving their first 30 days.
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    Check's in the mail
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    Mail, LoL, that's soooo yesturyear.

    no yesturyear is not a typo. It's in the Backlasher dictionary. Look it up in the Hillbonics version.
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    consider this lesson #1, now get yourself a little spiral notepad and carry it in your pocket. Write down your hrs of work when you review the previous days report in the am. This notepad is also good for recording any other issues the arise in a typical day, from customer names to what the ORS or center manager said to you especially if you suspect diciplinary action is coming your way. Sounds like you've got a long road ahead of you, good luck

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    Welcome to ups! Where you have to watch your paycheck and fight for it. And hear from mgt can't you wait till next week.
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