My first workday begins in an hour

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  1. loony747

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    Morning, everyone. Name's Adam. Got hired as a seasonal package handler yesterday, and begin my first day of work this (early) morning. I also made the mistake of coming across this forums about an hour ago, and now I'm terrified of even heading into work after reading through some threads, so I figured I'd make an account to let y'all know my day is ruined.

    Having said that, let's see how it goes. It's only for a couple of months, and I figure that if anything, it'll be good to get used to getting yelled at and chewed up before heading into the military.

    Wish me luck. Or condolences.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Hope your day went well.

    This is a venting site for many.

    ​90% of the employees at UPS like their job just fine.
  3. UnsurePost

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    Would enjoy seeing that case-study you are referencing..

    It's great preparation for the military, though. Conformity, unthinking bosses, irrational mentalities.
  4. bplppl

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    I dont hink it is that bad. I have been a preloader for almost 6 years and love it. I am getting paid to work out. I am 31 and in the best shape of my life due to unloading those 53 footers. Good luck and hope it works out for ya.
  5. Pedal Junkie

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    UPS is a cake walk compared to Military. Enjoy your next 60 days.

  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There are similarities between the two. I actually work harder now that I ever did while in the Air Force; however, I no longer have to be ready go on alert on a moments notice.
  7. bplppl

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    I was never in the service. I cant imagine the military running like the center Iwork at. If so I would have to take away some cool points from military leadership (not like government officials deserve it anyway). Thank you Upstate for your service to this country. My family and I are greatful; and the same goes to any other active duty or veterans viewing this post.
  8. PT Car Washer

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    Unloading is not the same as loading package cars.
  9. bplppl

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    True, it is not the same. I've loaded package cars too. Why do you think I'm back in the unload? Loading can be a cake walk depending on the area but i prefer unloading so I get to cram it down others throats. Plus I am our shifter so i get the big rig experience before i go into feeders.
  10. RockinRobin

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    Power-Loading for 10 or 20 minutes will get your blood flowing. I've loaded up to three trailers a night. I've heard some hubs do 4 or 5. Can't imagine that. I'm in great shape and was an endurance athlete and a weight room junkie before UPS. The secret is I look at it as a Gym membership that they pay me for. Not a lot. I'd earn more working part time at Lowes, but I'd not get the workout.

    To the OP, You'll do JUST FINE! Listen to your Supervisor. He/she will give you tips on whatever you are learning to do so you can be "efficient" and work faster. That's the key, and it's what they are looking for. If you are expected to load and scan 450 packages per hour (One Scan every 8 Seconds), they will show you how it's done.
    Loaders have a tough job, but get huge muscle because of it. Most lose 20 or more lbs a month when they first start and stick to it. You'll be cut and trim in no time!

    IMO, It's not a career, but it's a great part time job for some, and not a bad seasonal job. Good luck.
  11. tipsbunch

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    Good luck of course!
  12. Pollocknbrown

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    I'm actually in the military and think UPS is a lot more rational and thinking than us ( seen both sides first hand).