My helper from last week

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    was arrested for public intoxication between shifts. Let me preface this by saying I am not making this up. He lives in a halfway house for recovering meth addicts. The dude is way down on his luck and I guess he passed UPS's strict background checks(???). I felt bad for him the other day so I gave him some money after work and the next day he doesn't show up at our meet point. Our local PD calls the center because that's the only number in his cell and tells us he is being taken into custody for being drunk/high. Gotta love UPS HR.
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    Is his name Klein by any chance?
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    Negative. MacDonald.
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    I doubt HR can run background checks on that many people in that short a period of time.
    That is one of the reasons we use to almost exclusively hire helpers from colleges.
    Of course, 25 years ago $9 was worth a lot more than today.
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    Had heard Ronald was down on his luck.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I had a helper like this too some years ago. So down on his luck that he didn't have enough money just to eat lunch. He asked of he could have a couple of dollars at the end of his shift but I didn't give him knowing he too mentioned how he used to hustle people for money on the streets.

    It's like those people who stand on the busy intersections wanting a hand-out. You know where that moneys going, probably to support their habit.
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    At least they are kind of working for it. Not like the full time welfare rats whos only atempt at work is to walk to the front door to check the mailbox to see if the"check" is there. But then again I don't think they even have to do that now days. I believe it is automatically deposited on their "special" credit card.
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    About 20 years ago a vacation driver was hired and was running a feeder run in a package car to a service hub.

    The drivers had to help sort packages and load. Of course there were a few jokesters in the group and they found out this guy had a short fuse.
    Within 2 weeks they found out that the guy had just been paroled for involuntary manslaughter. The victim was his own brother. Nice background check!