My hours are being shaved!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JackAttack, Jun 4, 2008.

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    What can I do about this? I'm fairly new at UPS and I haven't joined the union, when I asked our old steward about joining the union he said that there was no need to join unless I get in trouble. I brought up the issue about my (and other peoples') hours being shaved to a new steward (who is a complete douche IMHO) and he almost got into an argument with me about it and pretty much told me to keep track of my hours (which I already do). How do I go about filing a grievance about this. For some reason most people I work with don't seen to care about it as much as I do. I'm 99% sure which supervisor is doing it and I've heard that he was fired for it in the past but somehow he was able to get his job back.
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    For one thing, your "old" steward should be fired first.

    Now, no, you don't EVER have to join the union if you're in a right to work state, but is that what you WANT to do? Joining a union (any union) just because I am or about to get into trouble is a pretty lame excuse. I ain't gonna get into the arguments here about the pros and cons of joining but this one is pretty "con", if you ask me.

    Also, are you guaranteed hours? Are you part-time? Are you full-time? In most cases, p/ters are only guaranteed 3 hours a shift. Are you making your guarantee? Then you can't file a grievance unless a junior employee is taking the same work away from you in your classification. There are other quirks that can be considered too, but this is the main one.

    If f/t, you are only guaranteed 40 hours a week. You cannot file for o/t lost because your job was adjusted, unless these similar circumstances apply.

    There are going to be many ramifications and others on here will be able to elaborate, but, do yourself a favor, join the union for alot of reasons!
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    Excuse me. I see on another thread that I misunderstood you thread here. You're talking about timecard abuses? Disregard my previous post.

    But, join the union and fire your "old" steward anyway.
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    are you in a center or a hub/gateway? this may take some foot work by you but hubs/gateways keep their timecards for the previous year you SHOULD be allowed to look at them and compare them vs your checks and see that way., im not too familar with the package time keeping system but i believe you can see a log of your punches and if they were ever adjusted
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    In most cases the part-time guarantee is three-and-a-half hours, (but you have to be willing to stay, and actually work the hours to get the full three-and-a-half.) If a supervisor asks if you want to go home early, and you think he is being nice to you, so you take the bait and say, "Sure!", then you just forfeited your daily guarantee. You may have also just failed to get the required number of hours to qualify for pension vesting and health & welfare coverage.

    Just be aware of this Contract gem . . .
    The Contract is here . . .
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    Thanks but I think you misunderstood what I was getting at and I see how what I wrote can be confusing, I was just kind of irate at the time. but this is about the hours that I HAVE worked being tampered with.