My husband got fired

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    Ok, My husband went to pick up a customer for UPS Freight. He has only been working there for 4 weeks. He told dispatch that a 53 foot trailer should not be picking up at this location. The dispatcher,who was new at dispatching, said he had to pick up there or he would be fired. So he followed the path and got his tractor drive tires stuck in the mud because the dock is a single lane and to the left is grassy area. So today, his 30th day with UPS the terminal manager says he cost them money for having to get get a tow truck to pull him out and fix the customers grass. My question is he able to get the money he paid in so far to the initial union dues or are they lost? The safety guy there even was :censored2: they fired him over getting stuck in the mud. So unfair.
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    i dont think the union dues are refundable if you get fired. he should file a complaint against that dispatcher for sending him someplace like that.maybe he can contact the union, they may help him.
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    If he's paying dues, what does the union say about his firing? Are they trying to get his job back?
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    IF he's paying dues, he is in the union , file a grievence and let the local work on it ....
    I made book in 27 days , no clue what happened it was suppossed to be 30.
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    He called the Safety guy who trained him, he said it was BS for being fired for that and he will get the union stewards' phone number for him. He said he should have gotten a slap on the wrist for getting stuck in the mud, a rookie mistake. We didn't think he was part of the union yet because the full union dues wasnt paid in yet. Friday will be his 4th check with dues coming out and he gets one more now that he is fired.
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    So far he has had $100 taken out of his check towards the initial dues not counting what comes out of this weeks check or his final one. We were tld by the terminal manager you werent apart of the union until your 45 day probation was over. I have no idea if this is true.
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    It is all up the the Safety Supervisor to get the union stewards phone number. We have no other way of getting his number. So hopefully he will get it for us. I have no clue who else to talk to about it.
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    What local was he paying his initiation dues to?
    Find the phone number in the yellow pages or google it.
    Talk to a business agent and tell them the story they will tell you your rights.
  9. trplnkl

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    There has to be another driver out of that terminal that knows who the steward is and how to get in touch with the union business manager. FYI, it will work more to his favor if hr is the one making the calls.
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    This sounds like an outside peak hire. Wouldn't he still be pre-seniority and therefore ineligible for union representation?
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    He was hired for a full time city driver, not a peak hire.
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    Bad thing is there is no HR at this terminal. The terminal manager, hired, interviewed, set up road test and fired him. So I guess we are kind of screwed there.
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    We have no idea what local it is, I have been trying to google it with no luck. Its the Stowe, Pa UPS Freight terminal. Maybe someone one here may know.
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    Typcial UPS management it's not my fault. Follow their instructions to the word, there instructions fail. You get fired.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Lifer, the OP's husband works (worked) for Freight, not package.
  16. cachsux

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    What might help would be to reach out to the other drivers who have picked up that account in the past to see if they also say they never go there with 53` trailers. If so get the union to shift blame to the dispatcher who ordered your husband to work as directed under duress. Rookie drivers, no offense intended, will do things they shouldn`t do because someone will throw out threats of discipline.
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    Sorry but your husband is SOL the union can't do anything for him becasue he got terminated with his 30 day probation period. During this period the company can terminate you for just about anything they want. As for his union dues that he paid in he is not intitled to them back but he can still write them off on his taxes.

    Your husband could have avoided termination by calling his Supervisor and instead of the dispatch person.
  18. rainey08

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    Ok first off UPS Freight doesn't have supervisors, the dispatcher is the immediate supervisor if the terminal manager is not there which she was not. Second, the union steward said he will see if they have a case but if they cant get him his job back he will definately get him his money back because the union dies should have not been taken out until after the 45 day probationary period.
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    The union steward said he was going to try to make a case and see who else was has gone to that customer. Either way, if the union can get his job back great. If not, they will give his money back bc it was before the 45 day prob period and they shouldnt have taken anything yet.
  20. Cementups

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    Teamsters 384 out of Norristown or 229 out of Wyomissing. I would go with 384 since it is Montgomery County.