My issues with the Tentative Agreement

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by lolbr, Sep 13, 2018.

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    I've forced myself to not comment on this until I've seen what's going up for votes. Here's my list of issues:
    • 9.5 - Why is there only one group eligible for 9.5 protection. All union employees should be eligible (including inside workers).
    • 70 hour week - Volunteer only and double pay for hours worked past 60.
    • 22.4 - They should be paid the same as Package Drivers for delivering packages. I'm fine with them being paid full time inside rates for inside work. Package Drivers should get 40 hours if they want it over 22.4. Package Drivers should get overtime if they want it over 22.4. If a Package Driver has 8 hours available, they should be able to bump 22.4's on Saturday/Sunday.
    • Air Driver - With progression changing to 4 years, there is no reason a full time Air Driver should be still getting paid part time rates for inside work. An inside/inside (sort/preload) currently makes $30.64/$30.64, yet a inside/air (sort/air or preload/air) currently makes $parttimewage/$30.64. This ends up with two people working the same job side by side (both with 10 years company seniority and 5 years full time seniority), making about $12 per hour difference (one at around $18.50 the other at $30.64).
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  2. squirting is 10% pee

    squirting is 10% pee working to pay the US Govt 400m in backtaxes

    do u have the full N.T.A. we're to vote on?
    where can I find it
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    You're a little behind but here is the link to all the TAs.

    2018-2023 UPS Tentative Agreements - UPS Rising
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    Also you might want to change your name.
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    They included a copy with your voting instructions
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    Have you received your ballot pack in the mail? The changes are included in the ballot.

    As silenze said before me.