My little piece of plane..


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Got my "gift" today. The supervisor that gave it to me was Very proud to say that UPS made 250,000 of them to give out.

I told him that UPS has over 400,000 employees so at least 150,000 are out of luck.

He seemed suprised by this info. I think I took a little joy out of his "gift-giving-speech"

I have spent the rest of the day trying to unlock the 'secret code' that will open the metal to reveal my "cash bonus" that I really wanted..

So far no luck...
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Don't get it.

I don't get it. Why is this an appropriate gift for a 100th anniversary?


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When the manager handed these out we were all speechless. After he left I heard a womam mutter "what the friend%$# am 'sposed to do with this?"
This was the general sentiment everywhere I saw. Who thinks up this stuff?:confused:1


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"Incorrect sir. UPS was facing having to s-can an out of date airplane. With a little of that ole mgmt creativity it was transformed into a "gift" for all the employees which is now tax deductible.

Now say your sorry."

My God! You're right! No wonder I'm not in management! I never could have thought of that!

(I AM sorry!)


We had about 50 extras in our center. Wonder what they'd be worth on E-Bay??

I think the scrap price for aluminum is up. The Chinese are buying up scrap iron, copper and aluminum, keeping the price high.
We will get it returned to us one way or another from them.