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    I have resigned from UPS after 23 years!!!There is nothing left for me here,but no life and misery!!!!Future injuries,stress and just being miserable!!!I was at the bottom of the feeder list,hated pkg,and cant get the 22.3 I wanted.I have realized that TIME my wife and children are more IMPORTANT!!!I am sick and tired of beign treated like crap!!!Pushed and tested everyday!!!Worked to the point where you miss out on all of you your childrens activities besides sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have found a job with less $$ and benifits,but I only work 4 days a week,great hours,and no bullcrap from the hitler bred managment!!!!!!!!!My wife and kids couldnt be happier with me now that I left!!!!!!!!!!!!I COULNT BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!The pension,pay,benifits were not worth it to me anymore!!!!GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FELLOW UPSERS YOU WILL NEED IT!!I HOPE IF YOUR HAPPY ::::STAY,IF YOUR MISERABLE::::::::LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LIFE IS TOO SHORT
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    Im sitting at 22 years myself.... I wish I were as brave as you.... good luck partner
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  4. WOW

    23 years to figure things out

    just a couple more years to suck it up and retire better, unless you are there already.... pension wise

    I mean, I'm glad you are content, but you have run a marathon and can see the finish line

    seems like a waste

    Good Luck

    I don't get it
  5. TearsInRain

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    so you "wasted" 23 years but couldn't waste 2 more for some pension and benefits?

    ok guy, whatever floats your boat....
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    I'll be there Monday morning with bells on ready to work. This place can't beat me and I kinda like anyway. It's what you make of it.
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    Me too! Got out of there.....took a year to get my retirement papers but I survived got a new job working 3 days a week and ups pays pays me the other two....the part i like best is heated bathrooms and clean fingernails.....I can even wear nice clothes again!!!! And I'm appreciated, imagine that!!!!!
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    Now I'm going to be the only 1 there thinking this!
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    I don't know where you guys work, but in NY, he would have to go to the age of 57 no matter when he started. If he's part-time, 65. No math here. No adding this to that and subtract your mother's age to get your retirement age. So, if he started at 18, add 23, you get 41. 57-41=16 more years until retirement. That's full-time. Part-time 65-41= 24 more years. How's that sound to ya?
  10. iamupser

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    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little!
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    and she can add very nice, lol

    My goal from the first day was 25 and out.

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    menotyou, the recently approved pension rehab plan has a minimum retirement age of 55, not 57.

    Paid over, while I do think that you were short-sighted in your decision, the only opinions that matter are those of your family. Good luck.
  13. menotyou

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    With 23 years in he is probably vested to a certain degree and can defer his pension till retirement age. He has a job lined up and sounds like he dosen't need any disbursment right now. Wasted seems like a strong term, if he is debt free this is a great move if he hates UPS. I kinda wish more hourly (and management) who hate it would get out, if for no other reason as to not have to listen to the complaining.
  15. anonymous6

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    I'm really happy for you and especially for the kids.

    That new co. you are working for, are they hiring?
  16. brownboxman

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    Congratulations, you are brave and wise. I have two years left to pension and I will go the day I am able. The company now operates knowing the fear it can leverage against its employees, lower management on down. Life is too short and I wish I had the courage you have or the option for other employment. Enjoy your life !!!
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    Good luck to you, the opinions on this site don't really matter.
  18. Johney

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    Congratulations! Something tells me that there will be more just like you in the not too distant future. I'll admit the thought has crossed my mind a time or two. I haven't met a person yet who has left this company and not felt is was the best thing they ever did. Even if they had to take a lesser paying job and scale back their lifestyle. Kinda make ya wonder.
  19. iamupser

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    Management always says how much we make justifies it, how many people are lined up for our jobs, they haven't failed to pay us this week, pick your saying. Yet if they realized we're not in the "Best Places to Work" category. You would think it would click upstairs that, maybe it's something OTHER than pay that drives people to work harder for them!
  20. TearsInRain

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    sounds like your local really dropped the ball, i think working till 57 for UPS would literally destroy your body..