My Review of UPS, is this an accurate assesment ?????

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    Your thoughts????

    Your experience at this company will vary; depending on numerous factors. These factors include your demographic, your fitness level, your economic situation, your work ethic, your management team, your interpersonal skills, your time management skills, and your patience among countless other examples. The fact of the matter is, this job, like most others, is what you make of it.. I am a Loader

    Pay,CONS: The starting pay sucks ass, stalled since 1984. This is primarily due to the generally rise in prices, Cost-of-Living, inflation and consumer indexes. 8.50 is bad at best, and immoral at worst. Once you reach seniority (unionized) your start paying initiation fees. You will start part-time and likely stay part-time for many years. The Bargaining unit (Union) has recently negotiated less favorably for partimers.

    PROS: Your pay will eventually rise given enough time and it will rise faster than most other entry level retail positions, ie McDonalds. Generally, expect a raise every 6 months to year.
    Bottom Line: Details of your raises are in your union’s contract booklet (National/Regional supplement). Compared to high tiered retail outlets such as Best Buy or Target, the starting pay is significantly low and your energy consumption is proportionately higher. If fast money is a priority I suggest your steer clear of UPS or perhaps immediately go for a supervisor y position. If you have patience and your economic circumstances favor it, UPS can be worth it in the LONG run.

    Respect, Bottom Line: Respect in UPS varies, depending on the WHO, WHAT WHERE, WHY AND HOW of a particular operation. General speaking, teamsters and supervisors are respectful. However certain aspects of their job and personal circumstances may make ppl seem disrespectful. Example, you may see a FT sup yelling at a PT sup simply because it’s a traditional job function of FT sup. Another reason maybe because a union worker is moving too slow or doing something improperly and the FT sup is simply following a chain of command. Sups tend to limit their reprimands to other lower level sups, because is its generally unacceptable to scream at union worker. PT sups generally don’t bother union workers, unless his/her FT sup gives him a reprimand .Other reasons include it’s just part of their natural personality to pressure hourlies or they feel that it’s a proactive function of an overall career move. Hourlies tend to respect each other, and would get rather friendly with each other as their tenure grows at UPS. However, tensions due rise, especially when an hourly is significantly underperforming in a given area. You will also, notice tensions are higher among all workers during times of high volume. Simply put….it depends.

    Benefits, CONS: Most benefits, as of now, take 1 to 1.5 years to fully accumulate. There are no premiums but there are copays. Most benefits will be unused or sparely used because of a worker demographic; they are young and less prone to prolonged injury and illness, they are single and less likely to included dependents on a plan, the have low career aspects and not use their tuition assistance. UPS knows all these aspects
    PROS: UPS has very generous benefits package, including free health, dental, prescription drugs, vision, 401k, retirement, vacation, holidays discounted stock, discounts on phone plans/other products, tuition reimbursement and cheap life insurance among others
    Bottom-line: It depends on your situation but there something for everyone in the package.

    Job Security, Bottom Line: It’s almost impossible to get fired as a union worker, I have seen no “complete” layoffs among unions workers, because higher seniority workers can bump lower seniority and always have some form of work to do. Attendance and tardiness a rarely enforced because it is at management’s advantage to not always be fully staffed in an operation (NUMBERS). Of course there are exceptions and it doesn’t apply to administrative and specialist positions at UPS.

    Work/Life Balance, Bottomline: The Workout theme that UPS promotes is a gimmick as it doesn’t not take into account the wear and tear on the body when working at a realistic pace trying to achieve reasonable numbers (PPH), It also doesn’t account for irregular shifts that you may work. Nor does it account for disproportionate amount of energy used compared to income produced. You may receive a small break during your shift. Expect pressure to do things fast and ideally to UPS standards. Safety is promoted as number one on paper but in reality it comes in second by default.

    Career Potential/Growth, Bottomline: Several career paths, but it’s basically two. Union Worker (ie Driver, Sorter, FT combo etc), is path based on Seniority(years in). Non Union(PT/FT Supervisor, Manager, HR, Admin) based upon a combination of merit(performance) and tenure. Most ppl can enter the p/t sup workforce rather easily, but this job title is considered undesirable by many. Everything else varies on the location, size, demographic and volume of an operation.

    Location: Varies, but having a car would be an advantage. Moreover, when you first start, there’s nothing worse than a long and tedious commute after a supervisor sent you home within 30mins of starting your shift.

    Co-worker Competence, Bottom Line: In General new guys move slower because their bodies have to get used to it. Tenured guys move slower because it’s not required by union contract. The real answer it Depends, I have seen guys become lazy, I have seen guys that are always fast and efficient with several years in. Supervisors, it also depends, some are *******s, some are high-strung, and some are laidback; nobody and no operation is the same.

    Work Environment, Bottomline: In HUBs, generally loud, dusty, very hot in the summer, very cold in the winter. It has a warehouse feel to it. Bathrooms can be a long walk, HR can be along walk. its also depends on job title.
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    I like it and keep coming back for more.
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    my assessment its a job and requires no further study.
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    The pay stalled because the fellow employees approved a contract that allowed all future part timers to get the shaft. Part time and full time used to be paid the same hourly rate.
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    Im a driver...just sign