My son in IE? The horror!

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  1. brownmonster

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    My son toured MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) this past weekend. After talking with them he has decided to go into the field of Industrial Engieering. UPS was even brought up in the presentation. Is he destined to be "some idiot in a cubicle"?
  2. Big Babooba

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    HE'S DOOMED!!!
    Warning lights are flashing down at Quality Control
    somebody threw a spanner and they threw him in the hole
    there's rumors in the loading bay and anger in the town
    somebody blew the whistle and the walls came down
    there's a meeting in the boardroom they're trying to trace the smell
    there's leaking in the washroom there's a sneak in personnel
    somewhere in the corridors someone was heard to sneeze
    'goodness me could this be Industrial Disease?

    The caretaker was crucified for sleeping at his post

    they're refusing to be pacified it's him they blame the most
    the watchdog's got rabies the foreman's got fleas
    and everyone's concerned about Industrial Disease
    there's panic on the switchboard tongues are ties in knots
    some come out in sympathy some come out in spots
    some blame the management some the employees
    and everybody knows it's the Industrial Disease

    The work force is disgusted downs tools and walks

    innocence is injured experience just talks
    everyone seeks damages and everyone agrees
    that these are 'classic symptoms of a monetary squeeze'
    on ITV and BBC they talk about the curse
    philosophy is useless theology is worse
    history boils over there's an economics freeze
    sociologists invent words that mean 'Industrial Disease'

    Doctor Parkinson declared 'I'm not surprised to see you here

    you've got smokers cough from smoking, brewer's droop from drinking beer
    I don't know how you came to get the Betty Davis knees
    but worst of all young man you've got Industrial Disease'
    he wrote me a prescription he said 'you are depressed
    but I'm glad you came to see me to get this off your chest
    come back and see me later - next patient please
    send in another victim of Industrial Disease'

    I go down to Speaker's Corner I'm thunderstruck

    they got free speech, tourists, police in trucks
    two men say they're Jesus one of them must be wrong
    there's a protest singer singing a protest song - he says
    'they wanna have a war to keep us on our knees
    they wanna have a war to keep their factories
    they wanna have a war to stop us buying Japanese
    they wanna have a war to stop Industrial Disease
    they're pointing out the enemy to keep you deaf and blind
    they wanna sap your energy incarcerate your mind
    they give you Rule Brittania, gassy beer, page three
    two weeks in Espana and Sunday striptease'
    meanwhile the first Jesus says 'I'd cure it soon
    abolish monday mornings and friday afternoons'
    the other one's on a hunger strike he's dying by degrees
    how come Jesus gets Industrial Disease
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    Thats a real nice thing to say about your son.......... at least he will have a job and making good money
  4. Just because he gets a degree in that speciality of engineering doesn't mean he will be relegated to "time studies". Generally speaking that's why people go to college and get a degree -- to be an idiot in a cubicle or the office with a window -- so they don't have to kill themselves to earn a living. Be happy he won't ever have to resort to being a driver, that's how I look at it.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    Idiot in a cube - just don't tell Sober! :entertaining:

    Location, Location, Location - otherwise, tell him to not worry about it ... everybody is an idiot in the eyes of someone else. :student:
  6. stevetheupsguy

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    I think it's time for a DNA analysis.

    Look, someone was going to say it, and aren't you glad is was your friendly neighborhood STUG?
  7. pretzel_man

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    Nope... Just destined to be called one.

    I assume you already taught him about having integrity. Just also teach him to have a thick skin, and he will be fine.
  8. over9five

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    LOL, yup he'll need that!
  9. fxdwg

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    I peeked at the MSOE web site and see they are ABET accrediated.
    I also looked at the IE curriculum and it does not look easy (by any means)

    IE is a great career and depending upon your son's interests, it may be a good fit.
    He can always change Majors in the Soph year w/out adding classes and time.

    Best of luck to him and congrats to you and his Mom for bringing him to this point.
  10. brownmonster

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    Thanks. I don't know where he gets his self-motivation but I have no doubt he will be succesful no matter what he chooses to do. If he ends up in UPS IE I would have no problem with that either.
  11. brownmonster

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  12. browniehound

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    That's how I look at it too. However, there are days that the "cubicle guy" wants out off the office and into our job. I don't think I could sit behind a desk all day and sure as heck couldn't be a doctor or a lawyer. So my point is, if the job didn't beat the heck out of my body, I know I would love it.

    Its just the physical beating and the long, dark, cold hours that kill me. I don't won't to be dispatched over 10 on Jan.15 with the temp. at 5 F at 1500. If I'm dispacthed with 8 and I go 10 then its my fault for freezing.

    I dread the winter, I really do. Give me 90 F and humid with daylight until 2100 every day of the week. I like it better than 20-40F and dark at 1630.

    In December its like 2 burps after lunch and it dark.
  13. fxdwg

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    I wish him the best and I'm sure you're giving him some good advice.
  14. soberups

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    The nice part about being a UPS Industrial Engineer is the complete and total lack of any accountability.

    You design equipment that you will never have to use yourself. You design facilities that you will never have to work in yourself. And you implement time allowances for work that you will never have to do yourself.

    You are never wrong. And if you are wrong, it will be someone elses problem.
  15. deleted9

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    Sounds like a weatherman no accountability
  16. j13501

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    There is no accountability that you see- but, understand that if the production targets are not attained or the current service targets (whatever they may be from year to year) are not reached, the industrial engineering manager (and department) along with the operations manager, take the blame. Whenever operating plans or equipment are put in place, they are expected to either cut cost or improve service. The operators (including the drivers, preloaders etc) may bear the brunt of the "heat" flowing down hill, but I've seen I.E. managers get torched by upper level management when an operating plan doesn't work.
    Remember, everyone has a boss, and when the results don't meet the plans, it's not pleasant!
  17. ajblakejr

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    MSOE is a great school.
    Pricey but worth every dime if you are motivated to apply and get accepted!!
    And it sounds like he is packing his bags and moving to Milwaukee.

    It is not a huge party school, think Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

    He could start with his eye on IE but as he becomes enriched in the culture at MSOE; he may turn his eye towards Biomedical Engineering or Fuel Cell Technology. Milwaukee is a hot bed for grabbing talent out of MSOE for the General Electric Medical Headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin or Johnson Controls in Glendale, Wisconsin

    MSOE is a breeding ground for students that have an eye on "making their mark in the world," thus leaving the making the "world a better place to live," college majors in the dust at other Wisconsin Colleges and Universities.

    I wouldn't worry.
    Almost every kid enters college with one major and graduates with a different major.

    Most of all -- Congrads!!!
  18. TechGrrl

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    MSOE is a very good school. Industrial Engineering is a multi-disciplinary approach that will serve him well no matter what he chooses to do. Mike Eskew was a Purdue IE and made it to CEO. I spent most of my career in IE, although the department has changed considerably from what it was even 10 years ago.
    The good news about any engineering degree is that with the heavy emphasis on math, your son can take many career paths and have the analytical background to be successful in any of them.
    Do advise him to take a lot of communications classes, though. Making written and oral presentations of his analyses is critical to business success.
  19. over9five

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    +1 Excellent advice.
  20. fxdwg

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    VERY excellent advice!

    It's refreshing to hear a nice story here on BC (Last few Posts).
    A Member's child making a career choice is an awesome event.

    Brown....Drench your Student with Love, Food and Money (nominal).