My Top Dividend Stock to Buy in February (and It's Not Even Close)


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My Top Dividend Stock to Buy in February (and It's Not Even Close) - Motley Fool

UPS is a quality business that can afford to keep increasing its payout.

Key Points

  • UPS just increased its dividend by 49%.
  • The package delivery company has a thriving business that should continue to perform well in 2022.
  • UPS’ high operating margin indicates it is an efficient business with competitive advantages over its peers.
Veteran investors know that the best dividend stocks aren't those with a high yield, but rather are quality businesses that can grow over time and pass along profits to shareholders through the dividend, by repurchasing shares, and reinvesting in the business.


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agree. the last several years have been boom years for UPS stock. The dividends are healthy. Have been reinvesting them. Our UPS stock holdings have been up approx 130% in last 2 and 1/2 years.

Just 3-4 years ago I kept our UPS stock just for the fun of it. It wasnt much to pay attention to. Now it has become serious money.

When i retired 6 years ago it may have been around $11-13k. It's now up to $45k without any contributions.