My towns republican congressman gullty of accepting discounted loans!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Jan 13, 2012.

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    I guess the hypocrisy doesnt end on this board with republicans! My own town congressman has been exposed for taking discounted countrywide loans just like the republicans claimed the democrats did!

    Buck McKeon, who in my town ran a business until he went bankrupt (howard and phils) and then was elected to congress. He has many homes in my town, and now we find out he was getting special deals from the CEO of countrywide while they were ripping off customers!

    I wonder how many C9ers will condemn him for his actions?

    AP source: House Republicans got discounted loans - Yahoo! News

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    I find it even funnier that Darrell ( go no where) Issa was running an investigation into special loans for democrats when he came across two republicans! Its ridiculous at best to hear my congressmans excuse that "he did not know he was recieving a special discount from a VIP unit of countrywide"


    From the article:
    "Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the oversight committee, informed both lawmakers that documents received from Bank of America — it bought Countrywide — showed they went through the special unit.
    Issa has sent the information to the House Ethics Committee, which determines whether House members violated standards of conduct. A discounted loan could be considered a gift. Gifts are virtually banned under House rules."

    Now we will all see what hypocrites look like in action! ISSA, will do nothing and no charges will be filed even though both congressman are Guilty.

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    Sounds like your town has at least two creeps living in it.

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    me thinks......that there might be a third creeper
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    you lack relevance in this forum........just look at your posts vs. "rep power"........I read your posts and replies, the eyes of the "common man" really lack ..Common Sense
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    He did say at least...
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