My vaction wish list..... past and present

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by steward71, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. steward71

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    The Vacation Wish List:

    1. President's Day 2012, in Colorado to Ski
    2. Christmas 2011 Hawaii for an extented vacation
    3. Summer 2011 in Martha's Vineyard Mass. for the annual beach break
    4. June 2011 traval to South Africa and Botswana
    5. President Day 2011 to Vail to ski
    6. 2010 Christmas in Hawaii
    7. Aug. 2010 to Panama City Beach, Fla. for some sun and beach time
    8. Aug 2010 to spend the weeekend in Chicago for some alone time to spend my B-Day
    9. Aug. 2010 travel to Spain for a mother-daughter Vacation
    10. Aug. 2010 summer to again to Martha's Vineyard
    11. July 2010 the whole family to Mount Desert Island, Maine
    12. May 2010 now a 4 day trip to Chicago
    13. March 2010 Spring Break in New York City
    14. (all most done) Christmas in fun Filled Hawaii to show off my husband wonderful Abs
    15. Aug. 2009 at Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon for a short Vacation
    16. Aug 2009 the my first vacation to Martha's Vineyeard, Mass

    Wake up steward71 you are dreaming again this is The Obama's not you the everyday working person who pays for these the grand trips for the first wife and her kids. WELL SH** I COULD ONLY HOPE.
  2. moreluck

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    16 vacations in 3 years.....and they weren't little weekend jaunts!!
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    Do not worry, Just like Eva Peron, they feel our pain. Remember, Drive less, fill your tire pressure, turn down your thermostat, do not go to vegas , eat salads only at Mcdonalds, etc etc.
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    I for one applaud our dear leader and his wife for taking the necessary breaks from the hard work of supplying the populous with their proper rations. My hope is that as a result of their well deserved leisure time they increase the daily food rations by one biscuit and allow us an extra candle to keep our homes warm!
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    Really started on what could have been a nice thread, so I will try to build on that : Most memorable vacations (While employed at ups)

    1)May 2006 (Home) Birth of my son. One of the few times I've used consecutive weeks.

    2)June 2003 (Aruba) Honeymoon Also 2 consecutive weeks

    3)May 1990 (New England) After finally graduating college, a quick romp up the northeast for a few days of partying with complete strangers in Newport, RI

    4)April 1988 (Daytona Beach) Lots more partying with complete strangers