Nashua NH driver passed away today

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    Apparently a driver out of Nashua NH passed away sometime today while on route. This may have been heat related. A police officer found the driver unconscious and was unable to revive, at least from what I heard. I do not know of any details as of now, maybe others do.

    My thoughts and condolences to all of the family and friends.
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    My prayers to his family
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    My worst fear is not making it to cash one of those pension checks. Rip,
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    Very sorry to hear of losing a brother.
    In the heat, it is important to hydrate before the start of the work day. If your body shuts down because of the heat, and then you drink a lot of water, the body can't process it. And it's the water that kills you. Happens on school football fields every August, all over the country.

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    As of this time nothing has been confirmed. I left the Nashua Center this evening and heard that our steward said he arrived at Parland Medical in Derry DOA but (fingers crossed) it doesn't mean they didn't revive him.

    All of us are simply hoping at this point...

    I will add more when I hear more...


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    As of about 8:20 tonight I have heard from enough people through either text or phone call that this horrible information has been confirmed.

    There is a lot I want to write at this moment so people could just know a bit about him but I think it's wiser to wait at this point.

    My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with his family right now.

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    That is so sad. My prayers and thoughts to the family.
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    As you gather more information, let us know if there is anything we can do for the family.

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    So sorry to hear such terrible news. Thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones.
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    My thoughts are with him and his family.
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    So it is confirmed that he died from heat exhaustion? I wonder if he had any previous problems with heat or his health in general. Thoughts are with his family.
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    This is such a terrible and tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. And to you NHDRVR.

    :angel::angel:RIP brother:angel::angel:
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    Here is how the weather was in Nashua, as you can read it was very hot and muggy, and people told to stay indoors:

    My deepest sorry for his family and friends goes out to them.


    We all know how it is on a hot day, if the outside temp is 90, then the inside of the truck is 130 or more.
    I used to bring solid frozen water bottles to work, but by 2pm, even those were pi.s warm.

    Anyways, enough bashing.

    Again, my thoughts and prayers for the family, and everyone else that is deeply involved in his life.
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    When I started here we at least had dash fans that dried out your shirt and cooled you off beyween stops, but someone much more knowing than I removed them all. Change at ups usually follows tradegy. Rest in peace friend. My family sends yours prayers and comfort.
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    Thoughts and prayers
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    Word that this is being treated an accident. From what I have heard anyhow (and this is coming from UPS personnel) is that the combination of high blood pressure and dehydration were perhaps the cause.
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    God Bless you KJ. Condolences to your family and friends. I'll raise a beer to you today. Your a good UPSer.