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    What a joke!!!

    I am a 804 member so my love for supervision is minimal but yesterday an outbound sup broke his foot or at the very least he severely sprained his ankle. So, the "best" manager ********** had enough love in his heart to give the sup some crutches and sent him on his merry back to run the heaviest outbound in the building on any shift.

    After returning from the doctor ******** yelled at all the sups on "how important is it for a sup not to claim an injury"

    ******** needs to go, if he treats his sups this bad. I'm sure you could imagine how he treats us.

    But I will still and I want everyone to REPORT ALL INJURIES!
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    yes i witness that last night it is really sad to say management does not care for noone they just want there job done thats why i always tell the members to report any injury to prevent this type of harassment