National Truck Driving Championships Video

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  1. feederfrankie

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    My fellow Feeder and Freight friends, pretty cool story and video on about the recent Truck Driving Championships in Texas. I know one of the finalists. He said it was an amazing experience. That Clarence Jenkins is a legend at this. It looks like there's going to be a series of videos coming up. Defiinitely worth a look.
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    Your link doesn't work. Does it require a sign in?
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    Thats whats wrong with it. You have to be a UPS employee and log on to the Upsers site. We need a link that is a public press release.
  4. rod

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    wouldn't work for me.
  5. over9five

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    You can search for a list of the winners. Not sure how you can see Feederfrankies video, tho.
  6. over9five

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    OK, now I know.
    Go to Corporate headlines. Link on left "Championship competition". Link on right under related files "Truck driving championship"
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    I'm getting a Not Found on the UPSers link.. anyone have any alternates?
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    STILL doesn't work! Something wrong with the UPSers sight I'd guess.
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    You can't link into a passworded site like upsers from here. Log into upsers, THEN follow my directions in post 7.