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    NDA committed areas (Yo! P-man)

    P-man, I have a question (and anyone else that might have info).

    I was talking to my sup this morning about the issue of NDA's being committed in rural areas and how certain drivers are allowed to change zip codes or sheet as NI. We have 2 particular areas that cause major problems.

    We have 3 zip codes that are committed. Is it possible to take specific areas out of a single zip code and 'un'commit them?
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    Dilli, your dispatch sup would have to designate which streets in a certain zip code are committed and which are not and I don't know if this is even an option. What I don't understand is when you state that "certain drivers are allowed to change zip codes or sheets as NI". Are the pkgs coming in with the wrong zip and the drivers are changing to the correct zip code or are they simply changing to a different zip to remove the commit? Are they scanning the pkg and changing the zip code before hitting big arrow down? I have never heard of this before.
  3. dilligaf

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    The pkgs are coming in with the correct (committed) zip and are being changed to circumvent the commit times. We have as many zip codes that are not committed as we do that are.

    I'm hoping I can get an answer from P-man or Lifer or someone that is in the know. The 2 areas that are committed make the 2 rtes a nightmare to deal with. If those 2 areas can be removed from being committed then it is a win/win for everyone (except the customers but they aren't getting their pkgs by commit anyway).
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    This was something we could commonly do before PAS.

    There are some areas in the unincorporated county that are in no mans land between towns or cities. These packages could have 2 different zip codes on them and still make service via the USPS or any other delivery company.

    Sometimes we could get one of these addresses with a commited zip code written on the package. But we know that street is actually closer to a town with an uncommitted zip code... So you just type in the uncomitted zip code and deliver whenever you want. We used to do this all the time in my center. But I wouldn't do it now that we have PAS. I go by whatever commit time it says on the commit screen.

    Sometimes a package will have a wrong zip code on it. They incorrect zip code may be committed. It's something I don't mess with anymore.
  5. Red Rose Tea

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    Guaranteed 10:30 delivery areas come from corporate. These guaranteed 10:30 are on their web site and published in their service guides available to shippers. This is how customer service determines a delivery failed and a guaranteed service refund (GSR) is valid.
    Changes to guaranteed areas don't come from local centers. In fact, if you have noticed over the years the guaranteed areas have expanded not decreased. Any changes would have to come from corporate.
    Maybe someone in Business Development would know who to contact with information that a particular zip code should be considered for removal I imagine there would have to be very compelling evidence to change this.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Tea, she is talking about just a portion of a particular zip code being changed from committed to non committed. I don't see any way to do it other than the dispatch sup going in and designating street by street and I don't even think that is an option. I think they are playing with fire by changing zip codes like that. People on here give me a hard time about sheeting NDA going to a business that opens at or after our commit as CLO H and giving to the regular driver as he will get there long before I am back in that area---I wonder how they would feel about changing zip codes just to beat the commit?
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    What'd ya do darlin, take the day off? LOL Good for you. :happy-very: Unfortunately I have to go to work. More to come later............................................
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    I took a cold and crappy rain day.:wink2:
  9. Red Rose Tea

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    I still don't think that can be done... If you go onto UPS.com - look up time & transit for any particular zip code it will give you service guarantee. When a 1DA is late - shipper can request GSR from customer service. They look at published service guide for time guarantee on line. I don't think a local DPS sup can make that decision. It would have to be changed on UPS.com website and all published service guides on-line and in print would have to be changed. That is with my knowledge - maybe someone with more expertise knows how it can be changed.

    Absolutely, they are playing with fire by changing correct zip codes just to avoid a late. Eventually a shipper will notice, complain and request a GSR. It just takes 1 call ...
  10. trplnkl

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    I don't know how one would go about getting an area or partial area removed, but agree it will be hard to do. The time & transit can be changed too, it changes a lot. I do know that when our commit times were being set up it was done by the District Manager. There were a couple of areas that had a 10:30 commit that were never going to be done on time. The District manager removed the commit for those areas. But, back then the centers did the dispatching from inside too.

    I'm thinking if this were to ever take place it would have to utilize the +4 part of the zip code.
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    I believe Red Rose Tea is correct on this one. I happen to deliver to an area that originally, when nda began, was not committed. As air service expanded, the area in the small town's city limits was committed, and the rural routes, that extened for miles into the country, was labeled OCL, out of city limits. Those were not committed. Then, when air expansion began about a year ago, the OCL disappeared, and everything in the zip code was committed. Now, if we want to deliver the rural stuff with the ground, our center manager has to make the call, by agreeing to accept the package as a late air delivered. Sometimes that happenes, sometimes, I drive out there before 10:30. We've discussed this at length, and the decision to make a delivery a committed stop by inclusion or exclusion of zip codes comes directly from corporate, and cannot be done in the center.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Dusty, what is your opinion of the practice in Dilli's center of manually changing the zip code in the delivery address from that of a committed area to a non-committed area?
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    Definately playing with fire. Sounds like they need to use some air drivers.
  14. barnyard

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    We used to have split commits in our area. In-town = 10:30; OCL or Outside City Limits = 12:00.

    We were told about a year ago (maybe a little longer) that all areas with split commits were being eliminated. We still have a couple of zips with noon commit, but no more split zip codes.

    Changing zips to beat commits is a great way to get fired.

    Does not matter what kind of hell it plays with dispatching. We have to have an air driver cover some of our air because there are no more splits. That is the cost of service.

    If someone changed a zip on a package that my wife ships, there would be hell to pay (she works for a multi-million $ shipper.) She has caught a driver in Rochester, NY that sheets things as either CLO or NSN, then delivers at 11:15-11:30.

    Crap like that costs us very large accounts.
  15. over9five

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    I think the drivers changing the zips AND their management team all need to be fired. They are being dishonest and cheating our customers.

    People like that WE DO NOT NEED!
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    Hard to argue with these posts.
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    Re: NDA committed areas (Yo! P-man)

    Usually once a year a survey goes out to IE and BD about NDA commit times. At this point changes can be made, usually the change is to improve the commited service not to downgrade it. It can be done, but there has to be a really good reason for it. But changing the zip code on the pkg to avoid a late air is Sooooo Wrong. Not also is it an integrity issue. But.. the customer will probably get gigged for an address correction on the pkg because the driver changed the zip code. So not also do we not provide the service the customer paid for, by cheating, the customer gets billed at least 10 bucks for an address correction. If I were the shipper, I'd be fuming. The ctr should look at the dispatch, work on getting an air driver, take it's lumps for an occasional late air, and\or work with IE\BD to reduce the commit time. But cheating shouldn't be tolerated.
  18. dilligaf

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    Dave, it's not the ctr that is manually changing the zip, it's the driver. It is done, supposedly with the ctr approval. :whiteflag: This I do not know for a fact.
  19. Red Rose Tea

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    I'm wondering who is changing these correct zip codes - ECS clerks by doing address corrections or drivers. If its being done by clerks, then it seems like they are being directed to change the zip to avoid a late.
    I'm really surprised that there haven't been any complaints yet by any shippers or consignees.
  20. TheDick

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    While i agree that this is WRONG on all the levels mentioned, when a DM calls up telling the center manager to cut a route or dont run the xtra car or air-driver 10min to start time, shenanigans like this happen often in my ctr. Maybe thats why my DM got sent up to northern Nevada:woohoo: