NEED advice on interview! asap!

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    I filled out an application for drivers helper yesterday,and as soon as I was done filling it out I got an appointment to go in immediately after I was done with the application. So here is the thing,the interview is tomorrow (friday) and I am going out of town to Puerto Rico for a week. I am leaving this saturday and will be back the following saturday. So my question is if I do get the job will they call me to go in this week? or will I have enough time to come back? I will only be gone a week. Help me out guys I'm panicking lol
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    Go to your interview. I would definitely tell them that you will be out of town for a week although I highly doubt that you will be starting next week. Good luck and enjoy your vacation.
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    Ok got it! Thanks man
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    Yeah, what the jerk said ;)
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    We don't start using Helpers for a month or two. I already called my one from last year, I hope to use him again.