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I work out of a small center ( 20 routes) in the northeast for the past 8 ½ years.. I worked the preload for the first 5 years and have been cover driving since. I came out in December 04 to cover drive for peak and then returned to the preload after the new year. I started covering vacations in the summer of 2005 and I have been doing so ever since. In 2006 (other then my scheduled vacation weeks) I drove everyday from the middle of may until the end of the year.

In 2007, I worked a total of 310.7 part time preload hours. I had 142.89 hours as an air driver and 1434.97 hours as a regular delivery driver. My issues, is that Ups still classifies me as part time. With all of my vacation time figured in, i averaged just under 40 hours a week for the 2nd straight year. All of my holidays, sick, and vacation days are paid 4 hours per day at my preload rate. Not to mention I have to bid against the full time drivers, even though I am getting my part time rate on my vacation checks.

In my mind I should have been put on the driving list to begin progression sometime in mid July 2005. However to this day I have yet to begin progression!!!! I have looked through the union book many times and I do not see anything clear cut to support my case. It just seems to be this vague grey area, and management seems to be taking advantage of it.. They have seemed to do this routine to the past 3 or 4 drivers at our center that went full time, but they really seem to be stretching it this time. Basically I am just looking for advice, ideas, or others past experience on how to deal with/ force their hand on this. I know they are saving about $30,000 a year by jerking me around like this, so unless I begin to force the issue (which I admittedly have been reluctant to do) they will just keep taking advantage of me. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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If they still consider you as part you get OT after 5 hours worked? I would think that might be the deciding factor? I would definitely talk to your steward about sitting down with your center manager about this, you have a right no know where you stand.


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There are alot of factors. First, are you at the top of the part time seniority list? When a full time job becomes available, top dog gets first chance. You say 20 routes. Is that 20 bid routes? Are all bid routes taken? Is anyone retiring soon? How many cover drivers in your center have full time seniority? Let us know


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All that time is part-time alright since you were just a "Regular Temporary" driver. BUT....While working as a regular temp driver you are in driver progression. I "temp-ed" for 6 years and by the time I made it full time I had already been at top pay for a couple years. Keep track of your time driving and make sure HR has it straight.


Plz Talk to your steward ASAP. If he can't get the center manager to put you on the driver seniority list retro to your initial driving after the summer free period in 05I( I think you said) then contact your union BA. File a grievance asking for seniority and back pay. From the sound of things -you're right- they'll keep on takin advantage of your good nature till you take steps to stop it.

Bottom line If you work outside the free period your 30 days start and should continue tocount any day you work even delivering one grd pkg.

We have had this occur in our ctr and the mgr abused the guy and contract til a grievance was filed the panel heard it and ruled for the p timer AND gave him ALOT of back pay.

Good luck Let us know how things go for you
I appreciate the help so far. To answer everyones questions, here are my answers:

1.PRELOADER---- I do not get overtime after 5 hours. I am scheduled the same as the full time drivers. I run the routes just like a normal driver would, and I am held to the same accountability. Ups has been my only job since the summer of 2005. They count on me just like a regular driver. I have worked 3.77 hours at my inside preload pay, since we received our last raise in August.

2. DORKHEAD--- Technically I am not the top cover driver as we speak. We had a retirement in late October, and with peak and everything that route has yet to be bid. By rights the driver ahead of me should be put on the list very shortly, thus making me the top cover driver. I am trying to get my facts straight ahead of time, so I can state my case that I should be put on the list as well. There are 20 bid routes in our base setup. On occasion we will run 19 or 21, as volume dictates. We top out at peak at 26 when all full time and cover drivers are working.

3. FINADDICT--- I have always felt this time should count towards driver progression. However the story I get, it that it doesn’t begin until you are on the list. With the 3 year progression and summer free periods in the new contract they could keep playing these games for 5 more years if I don’t put a stop to it. If in fact you are right that after 30 days all time counts toward progression, then I would be very close to being out of it at this point in time. I started in the 2004 at $16.50 an hour for my ground rate. Right now I am at $18.33, which is a long ways away from top rate.

4. GR8TJOB---Right now my main goal is to be put on the drivers list so I get the holiday and vacation pay that I truly earn. That in itself is over a $2000. difference of what I have been getting these past 3 summers. I will be looking into the back dating my progression date to the summer of 2005. If that is possible that would be great. If 3 years of back pay actually came along with that, it would be even better.

Thanks for the help so far. By the sounds of it I have a much stronger case then I realized. This is definitely something I will be pursuing this coming week.


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Being in such a small center is part of your problem. Bigger centers usually have more people on the driver seniority list than bid routes. When you drive I think you should only get overtime after 8.0 hours. If you were in my district all cover (reg temp) driving counts for progression. If you are the number 2 guy you should probably be getting credit for full time vacation pay. I don't remember how many weeks or hours of driving you need, maybe Tieguy can shed some light on those numbers. My steward is always after the Center Manger to add people to the seniority list. He says the bottom 3 full time people are not guaranteed 8 hours every day so why not have lots of people available. This year they added 2 full time positions mor than the retirements and resignations.


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Welcome to the ups world of maybes.
They love to play this game with everyone, keep putting drivers off of going full time as long as possible, I have known some to go 4-5 years before making book. One current feeder driver I know was fired several time & also quit twice before making book. ( making book = joining the union senority list)
Its all about the " numbers " games they play.
My advice hang tough.


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All your points are covered under the contract pretty clearly under article 63, section 2 of the Atlantic Area agreement. If you fall under another supplement it will not be that different as this section pertains to Regular Temporary Package Drivers. Para 3 of section 2 reads in part " While working as a regular temporary package driver, employees will go through the wage progression outlined in this agreement. Regular temporary package drivers who may work one day in a week will be given a full week's credit towards progression." There you have it. Now go read your contract.:reading:


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I work out of a small center ( 20 routes) in the northeast for the past 8 ½ years.

Finaddict has it right that the supplement is the big question here. What contract supplement do you work under in the Northeast? The Northeast probably has the most individual supplements- some only cover 1/2 of a state. Contrast that to the larger contract supplements in the west and south that cover 10 states or more! Plus, every supplement seems to address issues slightly differently. So inorder to get the best advice, identify the supplement and hopefully someone that works with that contract will respond.
i am under the upstate/w. ny supplement. As far as i can find, there is nothing in our supplement that is even close in comparison to what is stated in the article 63-atlantic supplement refrerence made by finaddict. Thats why i have been so confused by this whole process. Hopefully if i talk to the BA this week, i can get a few answers. Otherwise i am looking at 6 years of progression, and 8 or 9 years of consistent driving before i get paid vacation and holidays.