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  1. For over a yera I have been slammed, harrast, and so on. I have also had to call corp. 3 times now, and it seems like it just makes them come at me more. Lat week I was followed and was told I did not come to a complete stop where there is no stop sign, and to unecessary backs that are like 2-3 hundred yard walks, today the FT sup. calls me and another driver after the pcm and tells us since we did not know all the questions that were asked by ketter that we are to show up 5 mins. early for the next 3 days and they will work with us, then next Mon. they will test us and we have to score 100 or we will be disiplined, I see a warning for the follow and a 3 day for not scoring 100. I am saying screw the hotline and just file a grievance on artcle 37 sec. 1a.
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    What advice do you need? It sounds like you have your course of action made.
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    Did you ever get anything back in writing out of your calls to the hotline?

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    I don't know what the problem is !!

    Every driver needs to know the answers to all the Keter questions. They are even paying you to come in early and learn it on the clock. It is managements job to make sure all their employees know them. Do yourself a favor and learn them, then find a way to get yourself off their radar.

    Chance you have in trying to beat UPS on this? 0 %
  5. No, and when you call the hotline it just gets forward to the Human Reasource in charge and they are suppose to be neutral but in my situation the HR lady just keeps repeating to just talk to my center manager thats why shes is there. I at least have a paper trail through corp. but I am taking this one up with the Union.
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    SC, I would suggest that you have your...


    ...if you choose to continue this battle.
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    1) How were you selected for this harrassment.

    2) What were the road conditions on this rolling stop. Were you approaching an interesection of two crossing roads or turning onto a street when you made your rolling stop?

    3) Are you the only person in the center being told they have to learn the ketter questions?

    4) Have you ever done any honest soul searching and ruled out the possibility that you may be the real problem?

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    Not everyone can learn the answers to the questions and then recite them under pressure. Even in college, there were students who had to study and take tests in different conditions than the general population. Just because someone can't memorize a bunch of CRAP as well as someone else doesn't make them a bad driver. All that BS is ridiculous. In my center, the ones who know it the best are the worst about accidents and safety and guys like me, who have gone over 16 years without an accident or injury know that being safe has nothing to do with some academic BS! Just because I can recite the proper mechanics involved in a golf swing doesn't mean I can go out and hit the ball 300 yards down the middle of the fairway!
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    I have to agree with "Heff" 100% here. They're asking you to come in early to learn the answers. This means they are paying OT which is somewhere in the vicinity of $44/ hour. Its the easiest OT you will ever get for heavens sake!

    Would you rather do house calls in the dark to earn that OT? Why not learn what they want and get paid for it? If you have a learning disabilty that prohibits you from learning the material, just let your manager know and he will understand.

    However, if your defense is " I have trouble remembering things" and can't pass the test when UPS pays you to know it, then you are either very stubborn or very stupid.

    I mean, how can you not know it? Our management only talks about it every day and all year! How did you ever graduate high school? We took 7 classes every semester and passed every one of them.

    What UPS wants you to know is equivelent to learning the first 2 weeks of 6th grade social studies. The difference is you get to take the class 5 days a week for 52 weeks a year.

    Why not just learn it for the very least that it keeps your sup. of your back? My 5th grader can identify all 50 states but we can't write the 8 keys to lifting an lowering?

    Good grief!
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    Bad analogy. Most people can drive safely. Most people can't hit a golf ball 100 yards.
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    As others have said, have you ruled out that you are the source of the problem? Some of your other posts are very critical of your management team and you seem to be very concerned about what they do or fail to do.

    I would suggest soul searching before you continue and try to keep your head down for a week to see what happens. Focus on the job, focus on the methods and those questions.
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    I myself only recently really memorized them all. I agree that knowing them will not necessarily make u safer on the road. Not knowing them puts immense scrutiny on your daily routine and subjects u to what u are experiencing. Get the wallet cards or company provided cheat sheets, tape them up in the truck so you can test yourself every day. Recite one at a time until u can do them all. Do it every day on the way to your first stop. Do it on the way back to the building. Come in early let them train u. You will continue to be a target until you know them as good as your best driver. Just do it.
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    5 minutes for three straight days?
    Doesn't seem like much of a commitment from the management team that expects 100% score.
    We cannot assume that his exposure to these buzz phrases are the same as ours.
    Frankly it's only a priority in my center when Ketterer is coming.
    A complete stop were no signal or stop sign is present?
    How is this required if not opposed by another vehicle or pedestrian?
    Sounds like he is being harassed.
    Why? I don't know.
    I do know that it is hard to claim harassment after they fire you.
    Tends to look desperate.
    The more you can document now the better it will be for your defense in any future allegations.
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    Some idiot off the street gets hired by UPS and comes up with the idea to force the employees to memorize a bunch of crap and that will help them to avoid accidents and injuries. I here that guy has now put out the 10 keys to having sex and the 14 keys to eating a hamburger. I better get to memorizing! (Even though I have been doing both successfully for a long time!)
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    I think it's a fitting analogy.
    Because you can say it doesn't mean you can, or you do, practice the subject matter.
    BH I don't know what roads you travel, but I'm hard pressed to say most people can (or do) drive safely in my neck of the woods.
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    How many people who driver safely even know what the 10 point commentary is or the 5 seing habits? Tell us to be careful, to obey the speed limits, to do any number of things that will contribute to a safe day, but don't ask us to memorize and recite. That is ridiculous and ineffective...a complete waste of time.
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    But it makes the company feel like they care.
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    You are gonna head on collision doing that crap. Just be safe, don't worry about that stuff.
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    You may think it a complete waste of time....but it's been part 'n' parcel of the way the company operates for I know at least 40 years, and perhaps quite a bit longer than that. As for the memory requirement, it's simply part of the job. Now no doubt there ARE those who can't commit such things to memory...and those individuals, by virtue of that handicap, aren't up to the requirements of the job. Not slam against them - they are what they are - but the work is the work.
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    You are wrong about that. I know several of the circle of honor drivers in my center told me that they think this is a waste of time. It is a new strategy brought in by a bunch of pencil pushing college grads. It is obvious how succesfull the company has been in brain washing the majority of its employees. I am a teamster! I don't worry about the latest gimmicks and fads that the company tries to sell me. I do my job for the saftey of myself and the public and I cover my ass for the sake of my family.