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  1. Let me start by saying that I have worked at UPS for about 11 years now . I moved to Preload close to 2 years ago after trying to get on for about 5 years and finally making it . Since I have started having some back pain and was told by my Dr. that I may possibly have a bulging disk . I have not yet had any tests done to determine what the problem is and am scheduled to sometime around the start of the New Year when my Dr. Is back from his vacation . I have had some pain in my back , along with popping when I breath deeply and pain wrapping around my rib cage . I am still working and have not missed any days due to my injury and do not plan to as long as I take it easy and don't injure myself farther .

    The Problem I am running into is the time and volume that I am being told I am required to do . I was told to be at work at 4:30 this mourning . I was also told we are required to load 250 packages an hour . My load consists of a college , and shopping center and hospital route that are mostly Dr.'s offices and medical clinics . I also have a overflow Route that is normally used for the shopping center and sometimes is used to add a route in . All of my loads are loaded the old fashioned way by the address , and not by PAL . Most of my packages are heavy and very large and I can not pick up but one at a time . This severely limits how fast I can load and its hard loading 250 - 350 packages an hour . I also have 6 stops that have a early commit time that has to be loaded down the center of the truck , these have to be stacked out and cant be loaded until the end of the day. I get heavy flow at the end of the shift and that causes my cages to fill up on the last Rev . I have told my manager , Full-Time sup and Part time sup about the situation , that no matter what I do , the heavy volume causes me to have to stack out at the end of the shift and I will always finish late , and that when I have 12-1500 packages im going to need help loading them all in time . I have tried training people to help me but no one wants to learn my route . more or less leaving me to load it by myself every night . Not even my sups or manager knows how to load my route .

    Im so sick and tired of being fussed at for being the last to leave that im close to just cursing everyone out . All I hear all night is how corporate is fussing about hours and how it takes us so long to load the building wide volume . I have always loved my job , and still do . but Im getting to my boiling point . My question is mainly , what can I do to get help , or make someone understand that with the way my route is loaded I cant do it in the time it takes some mourning's ? And can I get written up for being the last to leave , even though im giving 100 percent ?

    Take this for what its worth , A rant , or asking for advice , I just had to say something to someone , because its obvious no one else gives a damn .
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    I'm sure others will post more detailed responses, but from what I have gathered, you can't be written up for "not finishing on time". Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

    I have been told that as long as you keep your misloads low, you should be fine. Management likes to use intimidation/verbal abuse as a tactic to extract better performance out of workers. If your area is constantly last to finish, I'm sure your supervisor is being harassed by management about it. In turn, your supervisor tries to get you to finish quicker. Eventually, your sup will get tired of being lectured by management and might actually do something about it.

    Otherwise, I don't know how one might go about requisitioning another body for a period of time. Typically that's the sups job, but yours seems to be a bit of an a-hole, as they commonly are.
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    Your best bet is to stop validating UPSs false "PPH" by recognizing it exists, WHEN IT DOES NOT

    FAIR DAYS WORK FOR A FAIR DAYS PAY. "Fair" does not mean good; nor bad; just fair.
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    Not pph, but can't you get in trouble for repeated misloads?
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    Switch roles; instead of being intimidated by mgt, you start yelling at them.
    I have found over the years that sups and mgrs tend to stay away for the really complaining / crazy acting ones. If you need help demand it constantly, be a pain to them.
  6. Thanks for all your responses , I think its creating more stress for me than anything . Which I know I should not allow to happen . And I also would like to state that I dont misload often . I was 0 for a few months earlier in the year . and at the most I may get 2 per week .
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    Just real quick since I see you are online at the moment: Consider talking with a union steward, to to keep this brief, I have been in somewhat similar situations in the past, and the union has been of great help in getting an unreasonable sup off my back. And, goodness, nothing is worth further injuring yourself becoming crippled.
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    Back pain is no joke. Really difficult with disk problems. I have battles back pain at ups. Its not easy makes the job 10x harder. Although my problem is usually with lower lumber strains. With disk problems if I were you stick it out until you can get your doctor to really figure out the problem before it gets worse.
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    Be careful on taking advice from locker room lawyers! You can be held for performance standards. It is much tougher to be fired but I personally know of many cases that it has happened and stuck through arbitration.

    How to fix the situation.
    The best thing you can do when a supervisor is climbing down your back is tell that supervisor to show you how to do it the right way. Make sure you get a copy of the methods. Let him/her demonstrate to you how to do it. DO NOT HELP HIM/HER and DO NOT let them help you. Show respect - don't yell at your supervisor. Let them know that you will get a shop steward involved if they continue to harass you without SHOWING you how to do the job. The supervisor needs to be with you the entire shift. If it can be done the supervisor will show you how to make it happen. If it cannot be done (as you suspect) then you have the ammunition you need to get help or a car pulled off of you.

    When the supervisor is working with you, make sure that there is no additional help or any work pulled from you. Everything needs to mirror a typical day of work.
    If the supervisor does not work with you but continues to "harass" you, get a shop steward involved. Document the day and time and who you talked with to ask for help. Document their response. Take it from there.
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    Kinda like when they ride with you and go through the load stop per stop and take off bulk.....the supervisor doesn't need to show the employee how to do it in the same amount of time....where did you get this??? So if I'm overallowed on a route and the sup comes out and is also overallowed, then everything is ok and suddenly they are off my back...ummmm I don't think so. If you have some advice you can pm me and I will wholeheartedly listen.
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    I like this responce! A soup should be able to do it, 100%. If not, then the job is too hard to do. I've seen soups try and do sets on preload, with a huge fail at the end, almost 100% of the time. I would want to believe this could hold something of value, but here at UPS, there is no honor.

    Yet, performance doesnt matter here, missloads also. Theres nothing in the contract that details these things as a punishable offence. The OP can file for harassment, or for production as well. Try both as well. Well, first you should threaten to file if it goes on. Just do the job at a safe pace and what is comfortable to you. Ask for a shop steward whenever you need one. Detail whats going on, infront of the soup if need be, their always trying to listen in. If they write you up for this/ that, then file back and it will be tossed out. You dont have to take that, no one does.
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    Oh yea...

    May I add a little something. UPS, USPS and Fedex are jobs that require a lot of walking. Sure, drivers walk a ton and they often complain about pains. As I seen here, theres tons of jobs in the building that require little to even no walking. When I first started preload, I had pains here and there as I went on. I recall having upper shoulder pains. I had forearm pains and back pains. The fact about making it here for long time is to push past pains.

    I cant tell you how many people have come and gone in my little time here at UPS. So many new faces all the time. People always have a reason to a way out. Our side as had well over a 90% turn over rate. In fact, the one guy that got hired in March of last year is leaving after this week. So, its 100% turn over rate for the year. In any other company, there would be aduits, testing and screens of the leadership abound. The people in charge still complain about missloads, still... theres never a word of the turn over rate from the top.

    Well, just wanted to say good luck to you. Make the choice to move upon will other then feelings. You've got to want it!
  13. I will try and post in this thread periodically to update those of you that have weighed in on my predicament . My district Mngr . has been in alot lately and I plan on having a meeting with her . I will state that its not harassment more than the constant bombarding of being rushed . I do like my sups. and Mngr.s They just don't understand that sometimes , somedays , the job cannot be done on time , without help . My PPH is higher then 80% of the workers on my boxline . But when most people have 800 packages to load and most are small and light , I have 1100 that are big and heavy . and my Misload frequency for the year is in the bottom 30% (on the good side) . Again , Thank you for your input !
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    mitchem, the first thing you need to do is get to your doc, and let him sort it out..Back injuries cannot always be pinpointed to when it happened, but how it happened.
    Personally I would not have a meeting with anyone. The constant bombardment and rushing is part of the game, just play it. do your best, and say, Ill try to do better, but really I am doing the best I can.
    I got yelled at for being an hour late, same thing just a different measurement. Same harrassment. I thought a minute, and I said hey goofball in a friendly way, I wasnt an hour late, we processed NDA for 1/2 hr after I started, so I was .49 late. he said "good point" Since we must eat all that time, I guess I didnt run fast enough to make up for their LOGISTICSal error.
    I am closer to the end than the beginning, so I have just given up. I punch in and out, work for every cent I make, get paid for every minute I work, and let the rest roll off me like a cold rain. You will feel much better once you give up hope.
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    do the best you can . Go to a doctor that what insurance is for
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    Tooner, whenever we have to wrap up a trailer or process late air I put that time in as sort and load.
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    I think you are caring too much. Just go into work and give it your best. When a soup yells at you laugh right in his face and continue to work.
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    I agree with all but the last sentence. If (when) a sup yells at you respond with a blank stare and go back to work.
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    While this would make perfect sense, and be the correct thing to do, we cant have the preload eat that time. (sarcasm)
    we are not allowed to.
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    We aren't allowed to, either in this district. For some reason, those rules don't apply up in the Bubble o' Goodness.