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  1. Rolltide

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    Need advice on filing a grievance on ups hiring on the outside when they have skipped it twice promotinginsiders instead of the outside! 6 to 1 where I'm at. Have any of you fought this and won?? In southern reg
  2. hypocrisy

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    Let's see,
    I think it all started around 4:1, then it was 5:1, now we've moved it up to 6:1. The '1' used to be a p/t supervisor who had to do at least a year of driving before they could move up into full time management.

    Now you want to file a grievance against a company you do not work for to enforce a policy we would rather be all 'promote from within'?

    Yeah, sure, we'll get right on that for you.
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    Where are these people coming from lately that have been signing up for BC?
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    Maybe Ass istant Santa got called up from French Fry manager at B.K and got hired at your center !!! I heard Cachsux put in a good word for him !!
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    I dunno, but it sounds to me like he is an employee, and is complaining because UPS is hiring outsiders instead of promoting from inside. He is trying to force them to follow the 6-1 policy. Could be wrong, but that's what I take from his post.
  8. hypocrisy

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    I'm reading it as:

    Convoluted but it sounds to me like he's on the outside wanting to be the one outside hire and 12 people have been promoted to driving with none off the street. If it's backasswards and they have hired two off the street while not promoting 6 from within that should be an easy fix. Outside hires are fairly rare nowadays since management no longer has to drive before being promoted (which was a poor policy decision IMO). The last time I can remember a Christmas driver being called back was late 90's.
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    Clarify this 4 us. Are you an outsider wanting to get in?? 1 outta 6.

    Or R u an insider? 6 outta 1.

    If u R an outsider, thanks 4 your help but your seasons over.

    There R 2 many insiders who have earned their time and deserve a chance @ Perm Full time.

    Yes, I know people have come from outside & there was a time & place 4 that but there is a huge increase of insiders that actually want & deserve the chance compared to the past. That time has passed & the 6-1 should be only as an desperate measure. Maybe if they couldn't get an insider to fill it, but even then there are plenty of guys and girls from other centers that would transfer in a heart beat for the chance & have invested a long time as a part time UPS EMPLOYEE!!!!!

    Drop the thread. C ya next season.

    If you want in get in part time & then get in line 4 the wait.
  11. Rolltide

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    Sorry for the misunderstanding I'm the insider who is wanting to keep them from hiring an outsider when they neglected to hire an outsider when it was time for them Togo to the outside
  12. hypocrisy

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    Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

    I don't think it's "promote 1-6 from inside, then one outside, then 6 more inside, then one outside" necessarily. The intent of the language was the ratio, so if they are going to promote 14 people to driving, 12 would have to come from p/t and 2 from outside or management. If they are going to promote 5 people to driving and can't satisfy the ratio but want to use an outside hire they would need to commit to promote another person from inside before the end of the year.

    I'm assuming your scenario is that they have promoted 12 to driving and now they are on the 13th? It seems they would still be satisfying the ratio if they did an outside hire, but definitely file and get with your BA and see what the practice has been. It may very well be that the 7th hire is outside and if it's skipped they have to wait til they hire 6 more. All it will waste is 2 minutes of your time and a sheet of paper to find out the answer. If you are right they could train you but adjust your seniority date to be before the 'illegal' hire.
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