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    I've worked for UPS for almost 7 years and am currently struggling with the company to resolve some serious issues and get some answers. My pay was incorrect for my preload wage and Saturday air wage for about 2 months and union dues were being taken out almost every paycheck. I notified management about 3 months ago with copies of pay stubs and still haven't got an answer. They corrected my pay after I filed a grievance but still no explanation of why my pay rates were incorrect. Still waiting for an answer. Also I was washed last Christmas and so was another pre-loader. We started our 30 day progression on the same day. From my understanding you have to wait 6 months to try again. I went back to preload and the other employee is still driving and may have passed his 30 days. If we started our 30 day progression on the same day don't we both have to wait 6 months to try again. If he is driving full time can I file a grievance and get all the money he has made? Also, I called in sick last Friday and they were so :censored2: about it they didn't pay me for a sick day. Isn't that illegal!? To sum it up I have been lied to and nothing ever gets done when I address it. I bug the hell out of them for answers and nothing gets done. Not sure what to do. Grievances don't work and my union rep. can't really do much cause he is never around. I'm stressed out! Should I just use a lawyer and file a lawsuit? Nothing is getting done!!!
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    Does the other employee have more company seniority than u?

    All pay issues are probably HR issues.
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    Yes he does have more seniority. Does that matter though? Doesn't he have to still wait 6 months before trying again? I can't get a hold of HR. It's just been one thing after the other and no one seems to be helping me figure it out.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Is HR not in your building?

    That would depend on your local. Here you can try again immediately following your 30 days but then its a 3 year wait for your final try.
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    Best thing I saw all day.
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    It's all good.... man. :biggrin:

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    This is attitude you need to have. Union reps take so much abuse and bend over backwards trying to help and do the right thing than some 19 year old part time knucklehead tries to say union does nothing. See it all the time. All you can do is laugh.
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    I like the lawsuit idea.

    That'll show them.
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    If the company is paying you correctly now they don't have to tell you squat as long as the problem is fixed. No explanation is required. When you both got washed as you put it I think only you got washed. If he has more seniority and was also washed he is entitled to drive before you. Let me know what else is not fixed.