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    Hello my fellow brothers and sisters!

    The reason why I am writing this post today is due to the amount of B.S I've experienced thus far. As of today I have now been with UPS for over a year and three months as a package handler, and throughout my time there I've always felt that I was always taken advantage of due to my work ethic and low seniority. I was begin sent to different outbounds on a daily bases within the first three months of me working there which I totally understand. However, all of that changed within a couple of months and with came new hires. I wasn't sent to different outbounds on a daily basis that much but whenever they needed me I went. During this time many of my fellow co-workers told me to slow down and work less harder but me being an idiot I kept working at my maximum and now I understand why they told me to slow down. No later than a month peak season came and with that came all the B.S, around that time my supervisor always mentioned that I would be great at the bulk line but I always denied it and said I wasn't ready. Well a couple of weeks later it became my luckiest day ever , my sup called me out and sent me to the bulk line with no ands, its, or, butts. At the time I was scared and nervous because like any package handler I didn't know the bulk line but he assure me that I would be fine and he was right. Since that day on I am always called on to work at the line because everybody knows the type of worker I am. Even though I don't want to go I always end up going despite what I tell my supervisor. It got to the point where everybody realized I hated the line but I still went and whenever they needed my help my sup comes into my trailer and convinces me to go stating, " coming man just today " and I always try to come to an agreement with him. (which never works because he lies too much) I came up with the bright idea to train someone for the bulk line so we can switch off since I am always going but that however quickly failed. I would start my days on the line and finish on the line and whenever it was his turn to go he only went half days or during the final hour and on occasions full days. This week is my vacation week and I decided to go in and work a couple of days and even though I don't get called to go on a go daily basis I still go some weeks depending on the flow. This week my sup asked me to go and I finally said "No" however he tells me that I am refusing to work as directed but I told him that If I go today that I don't ever want to be sent to the line again and he said he can not promise that so I ended up not going and they sent some new hire who has only been here for three months and this week I only decided to go in for three days and within those three days my sup or tax sup told me to go and I continued to say no but the way they respond to my response is as if I have no say so. Is there anything I can do or say to avoid going to the bulk line?? Many of my co-workers are telling me I don't have to go if I don't want to but when I ask my part time supervioser he says that I have to go. If any of you have been through a similar siutation as mine please tell me what you guys do because I don't think I can take this crap anymore. And if you are a new hire reading this post just take it easy when you working because these people will take advantage of their hardest workers.

    P.S. sorry if my grammer is all missed up I'm typing this all on my phone :oops:

    Thanks in advance,
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    Next time the sup approaches you, request to have a steward present and do not discuss the issue further with them until the steward is present. After that, if they persist, file a grievance. Issue will be resolved before it ever goes to panel.
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    Thanks for replying I'll state that next time my sup tells me again
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    Someone please gouge my eyes out!
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    yeah, the grammar is certainly all messed up, as well as the sentence structure.
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    Paragraphs bro
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

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    When they consistently put me in places I have no desire to be, I just start to :censored2: up. Then, when I'm back where I want to be, superstar-time.

    Indirect communication sometimes works better than the direct kind at UPS. They pay attention to numbers, not words.

    This is a tried-and-true method for workers with seniority, which you've already got, Mike-- regardless of how low on the list you are... You do have to directly conflict with your desire not to be a slacker, though. Meh... life's about give and take. If you're not in an ideal situation, don't perform ideally. That's how I look at it, at least....

    And yeah, I'm a selfish prick. :censored2: it, though. I'm trying to run a marathon here, so I'm going to get as comfortable as possible.... I figure the least they could do is let me handle the pull(s) that I like to, especially seeing as how I don't let anyone lift a finger to help me and still stay cleaner than anyone else on my "roller belt" (there's not many of us, to be honest.)

    Eh... hard work should be rewarded. Even if you get more work as a result, they should at least let you determine where you'll be handling that work if you're as good of an employee as your OP makes it out to seem.

    End of the day, though?

    That's what ya gotta do.
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    I made it through first part. Then my head started to hurt
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    You don't know how to read?
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    Know how just didn't have a free hour to read that novel.
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  14. HardknocksUPSer

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    Don't like your area, make a mess big enough they make 10 drivers punch in to clean up, worked for me.
  15. Gumby

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    Like you are doing something productive??
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    Thanks for the advice and maybe if I slow down and dont work as hard they might leave me alone but I will try it the next time I go..I'll do an update if all is well
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    You are just muddying the water with facts now. That's just crazy
  18. MikeSmash25

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    I wish I can but I am always the one staying late to get more time, but if I did trust me I would Thanks for the tip
  19. MikeSmash25

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    I'm sorry bro didn't mean it, I just wanted everyone to understand what I was going through.
  20. MikeSmash25

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    Lol I'm sorry next time I will.