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    My first question is can a supervisor cover an employee while that employee is on a bathroom break or coffee break ? Even tho different part of the hub areas are sending their employees home at 3 1/2? if so is it only acceptable in the pre-load and drivers only? or all around inside the hub as well as air operations and etc?

    My second question..... What can a supervisor discipline an employee for? besides attendance, being under a control substance, theft,?

    And my last question.Can an employee be removed from an area for being insubordinate as well as creating violence in the workplace and failure to follow job methods? Even tho that employee has senority over the majoring of employees?

    direct answers appreciated
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    It's various
    O yea work place violence is not tolerated.
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    Yes (and they should be shown the door)
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    #1 kinda depends on the local. On my sort the hub manager came to an agreement with the local BA that the grievances for that won't be bothered with in exchange there's no penalty to "excessive" bathroom breaks. Most of the PT sups don't fill in anyways, but on the occasion it's let slide.

    #2 You can discipline an employee for pretty much anything, but what's more important is being consistent about it.

    #3 I'm pretty sure violence in the workplace is a zero tolerance termination offense, insubordination goes back to #2.
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    yes you can cover an hourly in the bathroom,you cant do sh** because your a p/t sup but your f/t sup can fire people for refuseing to follow instructions,violence in the workplace and lp can fire people for stealing,now these charges may not stick depending upon the strengh of the local and the strengh of the companys case.if you try to do any of these things the hourly will never leave the building and ups will lose what case they may have had.

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    I will answer your question correctly. You can't rely on the uneducated union folk for advice. #1 as management part or full time you can do anything you want to. Always remember that... create the rules. Technically an employee is entitled to use the restroom. Technically a management person should not be doing union work during bathroom breaks. However if one greivance would get filed you could have a lot of fun termination people for excessive bathroom breaks, and other stuff. I always took the stance, go ahead an file... See what happens... You will win everytime, no matter what they say.

    You can discipline an employee for anything. No one follows all the methods to a T, that is the easiest way to start a paper trail.

    Gross insubordination is a cardinal sin... If you tell someone to do something and they flat out refuse, take their time card and call security to walk them out. Don't even negogiate. Violence in the workplace is also a Cardinal Sin... Call security show them the door.
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    U know this is the reason the union needs to kick ups in the balls. The union needs to grow some and say enough already . I mean what happens to this whole union ? U know what ? I have a problem with a guy like u treating people like s*** at work . Would u do that out of work ? Nooo cause u would get your face Bashed in
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    I love upssocks method! I bet that motivates your employees and really gets them to give 100%!!! I can see those loaders now "gee ups socks is soo tuff i want to work super hard to impress him". Socks has to have the best numbers company wide
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    Uneducated Union folk? Re-read your post. U cant even use the word "terminated" correctly!
    And to show someone the door,so easily? I don't know where ur from,Not New York. If u were, u would get used and abused. I bet ur pulling cages? and ur hands,face and Collared shirts are full of dirt?...Yes U know it..Look at ur palms buddy.Dont ever forget it.
    I guess u have an associates in Bus. Mgmt and were told u will be the greatest or youngest mgr ever since....Bla,Bla,Bla....( u have a lot to learn)
    Technically, there allowed to use bathroom? Technically,I would relieve myself in ur mouth if i had too.
    Please post on here when UPS fires U,and be honest.
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    LOL I don't care who you are that's funny.

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    When I was in the operation, I was the best. The workers didn't get a choice. They either did the job or they found another job.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Yes New York is alot different than the other states. New York locals are more corupt than most. Since you want to talk about grammar, you use "there" where you should of used "their." Uneducated people make mistakes like that. I'm not sure what "pulling cages" means. I don't get dirty anywhere.
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    Why would you think it is dirty if you don't know what it is
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    Yes New York Supervisors are more corrupt than most.

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    I'm not arguing that point. Good sups need a little corruption. I'm stating a proven fact of corruption among locals in New York. Google it, read, and learn about what the locals in New York have been accused of and admitted to in the past ten years. Yet you all still eat and breathe teamsters. You elect them, give them your hard earned money and they screw you time and time again..

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    Sorry I forgot who I am dealing with one here. Things need to be explained slowly to you people. He said "ur hands,face and Collared shirts are full of dirt?" I responded I don't get dirty anywhere. Which is true, I pay someone to do my yard work, clean my house, and even take out my garbage at home and I definitely don't get dirty at work.

    He said, "I bet ur pulling cages?" I responded, that i wasn't sure what that meant.

    I will be more mindful of my audience next time.
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    I like you. Good post.
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    They can't perform any bargaining unit work. Period. That includes bathroom breaks.
    Our supervisors will make up :censored2: just to discipline you. My shift (at the time) was Tue thru Sat. They wanted me to work extra on Mon. I refused because I had accused One of the supervisors of workplace violence(no witness, no violence). They wrote me up, anyway. Had to get Labor manager to throw it out.
    They can remove you if they accuse you of it, even if it isn't true. Start calling the 800 num(8002204126- i think).
    You can be fired for creating workplace violence.
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    UPSSOCKS said "I will answer your question correctly. You can't rely on the uneducated union folk for advice. #1 as management part or full time you can do anything you want to. Always remember that... create the rules."

    LOL "...create the rules."
    Recently, this sort of ARROGANCE occurred at my center. It caused an hourly who had been rebuffed for a simple work assignment (should have been based on seniority rather than popularity) to blow the whistle to a major government agency for two SERIOUS safety violations. The resulting consequences resulted in the loss of two full time management jobs and large fines for UPS.
    Lesson to be learned (for management and hourlies): follow all laws, follow all safety codes and follow all aspects of the Master Agreement to the very best of your ability in order to secure sustained job security.
    I know that it is impossible to be perfect, but, having seen the terminations up close and personal, it is much better to always try to do everything by the book. Who expects a disgruntled employee to blow the whistle? If the supervisors had done everything correctly (labor contract and glaringly serious safety protocol), then they could have carried on earning a good income rather than been the reason that UPS got caught with its pants down.
    Try "Follow the rules"!
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