Need help about having absences???

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPScapecrusader, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. UPScapecrusader

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    I have not worked at UPS for over a year so I do not have any time stored so I could take days off. I will more than likely have to be leaving for a funeral here in the next few weeks. My question is will I be punished or even fired if I have to take off and travel to another state? Thank you for any information that can be provided
  2. ncamara

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    What is the relationship? It's on the contract, depending on the relationship funeral leave may even be paid. Not sure if being there less than a year applies though.
  3. browntroll

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    have you talked to HR or you sup/manager? i saw one guy with 6 months in get paid paternity leave. he used up 4 weeks and still asked for another
    ​4 weeks and got them.
  4. Box Ox

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    You'll probably be fine as long as you get it pre-approved. Just won't get paid for it. Firing an employee for attending a funeral doesn't sound like it's worth having to train new meat.
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    If it's immediate family (wife, kids, domestic partner, mom, dad, sister or brother) then you get 3 days paid off. You have to show some sort of proof like a mortuary listing or a program from the funeral. This is one of the things UPS is pretty good about. Don't worry about your status.