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    I have been with the company now for four years? I was asked to cover drive for peak two years ago, but wasn't old enough. I decided that a package car driver was the road I wanted to take so last peak I signed the bid sheet. I went to school and drove during peak and all that stuff. I continued driving through around March (and qualified) and sporadically throughout the summer and fall until now. I only know two routes only been trained on one and it is now a bid route with a full time driver, and 4 other employees with less seniority than me are driving at least four days a week for the past month and I've only drove two days. I say something to the supervisors every time I see one of the guys with less seniority driving or being trained on another route, and all the response I get is we don't have anyone to train you. In my eyes (a preloader) this is basically taking money directly out of my pocket. I have never had any sort of disciplinary problems, and rarely came in over allowed. Just want peoples opinion on whether I should file on it or wait around or what? New to the site, thanks for the help.
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    Yes, you should file for the seniority violation, loss of wages and loss of reports that count toward your pay rate for vacations. If your in the Southern region the supplement has language to force UPS to high a FT package car drive for every TCD that gets paid 200 reports in a calendar year.

    File quick.
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    Absolutely, File a grievance.....You will win... Good luck
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    I appreciate it guys. In the time I've been with the company I've never had to file before. The center where I work at is ass backwards from the previous center I worked at. Really wish I wouldn't have had to transfer but oh well. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to know something back or about when I will get back pay? The Union guy told me I should get get paid for it. I work in Alabama and they like playin these little games where they wanna tell me not to get another job I'll be driving regularly and then go weeks without driving. The whole cover driving system is VERY VERY VERY flawed. Atleast where I am. All I wanna do is work.
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    You need to file for the seniority violation first, you only have 5 days from the violation to file so anything outside that 5 days you will not get paid for. Secondly,and this is our procedure in the central region, full time drivers that are laid off have the right to bump two part time positions daily. So when your not driving you should be working two part time shifts and getting at least 7hrs a day. I would talk to someone at your local Union and see how their procedures work, it could be different in your region.