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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bustrbyte, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Bustrbyte

    Bustrbyte Member

    I am in need of a marker holder. It holds a marker or crayon on your hand to put a mark on boxes without limiting the use of fingers and hand. I know we once used them but can't seem to find one searching online.
  2. atatbl

    atatbl Active Member

    If you find this contraption, please let me know. It could be very helpful.
  3. faded jeans

    faded jeans just a member

    A pocket tee shirt worked well for me for 13 years on the preload.
    (not the same one, mind you)
  4. atatbl

    atatbl Active Member

    Yeah, must people don't stay on the same preload for thirteen years. But how did one tee shirt last that long?

  5. rod

    rod retired and happy

    never seen one--- they always taped the crayon to the finger at my center
  6. faded jeans

    faded jeans just a member

    read the post again
  7. foundinload

    foundinload Member

    i like to use a noose with the marker taped to the loose end. it's adjustable and you can let go of the marker without losing it.
  8. atatbl

    atatbl Active Member

    I guess you didn't see what I did there. :ashamed: Ashamed I am.
  9. Bustrbyte

    Bustrbyte Member

    The person I need this for loads and marks every box but can't hold a marker in his hand very long due to a nerve condition similar to carpal tunnel. A sup told me they were used several years ago but I can't find where they bought them
  10. happyboy

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  11. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    We always used tape, it will stick to anything except cardboard. :happy-very:
  12. Bustrbyte

    Bustrbyte Member

    Thanks Slowdriver but what you found would not help because he can't hold the marker in his hand. He is using tape now but I was looking for a marker holder that we once used.
  13. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    ive seen pens used in offices that sort of clamp on the index finger, i found them at a office store, you may be able to modify one of those to fit a marker
  14. kene1024

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  15. Bustrbyte

    Bustrbyte Member

    Thanks kene that might work.
  16. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    And have that noose get caught in a belt/gear:surprised:....
  17. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    I can't see how you can have time to reach for a pen/marker/crayon and keep up your PPH... I keep my crayon in my handand grab packages... Not exactly a good firm grip but do we want safety or PPH?