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    I am P.T. steward.. I have posted a few times before, but read this forum everyday. I have learned more from this forum than I have from any steward or ba. So here is my dillema.. I have vet pt supervisors who i keep good communication with. They actually care about their hourlys (surprisingly), and dont want to see them get screwed.. They told me that in their presort meeting the full time supervisor told them he wants to move certain hourlys from one area to another because he feels they are not doing their job as well as he would prefer. 2 of these hourlys hold skilled positions.. He wants to move a 10 year pickoff and a 5 year floor expediter (who hold the most seniority on the area) to areas where they have low enough seniority that they would have to go back to loading trailers.. The people who would be taking their positions are younger hourlys with less seniority who are just not as run down from years of service.. He has not yet informed any of these hourlys yet, and doesnt know i know this. I would like to nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem.. Can someone give me some advice on how to put a stop to this? I would like to add these are good hourlys.. The reason their area blows up is because there ft sup is too busy talking with his buddies and taking smoke breaks instead of running his area.
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    When it happens file a grievance for seniority. I don't know what region you are in but preferred jobs like pick off are bid jobs where I'm from in the central region. If the work was gone them they could move the employee but this is a form of harassment. I would also include article 37 in the grievance if this change actually takes place. This could all be hearsay. Seniority is in article 3 of the central region supplement if this pertains to you.

    By the way as a steward I'm sure you hear about all kinds of things management does that's considered integrity issues. Document these things. If you are working for the same ups that I work for you can use these things to make them FEAR you.
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    I would go to the FT supervisor and tell him that I heard he was planning to move senior PT'ers (quicker and easier to fix informally in case management wants to knuckle down and drag out a grievance) from their skilled jobs and try to play the truffle shuffle game with seniority. And that this was against both the letter and the spirit of seniority in the CBA.

    Then I'd tell him if he wants to play games, we could go that route and I'd rain down on him every day for every :censored2:ty little thing I could find: name tags, supervisors breaking jams, supervisors working for a minute a pop, etc. All the little things that maybe aren't worth addressing but you save for a rainy day.
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    I would just be honest with him. You already know that its a management failure. Just point that out.
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