Need phone number to Benefits center

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  1. Montereysunset

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    My son is off on disability ,he sadly developed Schitzephrenia and I am assisting him with all that needs to be doen until he is well enough to do it himself .
    He recieved a letter to cobra his insurance but the phone number is not right is 1-800-ups-1508 .
    If anyone can give me the correct number it would be so much appreciated .Things are hard enough as it is with everything else going on .I tried calling the number it refers you too .
    Thank you ,one greatfull mom !:confused:1
  2. lost

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    I have always used the 1800 ups 1508 to get to the benefits line.
    Its the only number I know for it.
  3. El Heffe

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    send it in a PM
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  4. Anonymous 10

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    Are you sure it's not 867-5309????
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  5. bleedinbrown58

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    Yeah...I generally wait 7 years to make phone calls.
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  6. brownmonster

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    Considering the insurance is moving to Teamcare, kind of moot to dredge up this thread.