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    My unloader has poor attendance. We have a new ft sup and a new preload manager. The ft sup came up to my unloader and was giving him a verbal warning. In front of me. I had told him earlier to make sure he asked for the steward, so he did. He was told one wasn't needed for a verbal warning. Then asked him to sign a paper stating he received the warning. Glanced over to me and i shook my head no. So he refused. So my question is, a shop steward should be present for ALL forms of discipline, correct?
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    Steward has to be present for any discipline
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    If he wants union representation and was not given it , there is about to be an even newer sup, because that one will be gone.
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    Grieve that.
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    A steward should be present for all forms of discipline, verbal or otherwise. A steward should be present even if there is the slightest chance that a discussion with a sup might lead to discipline.

    The sup knows this. Once you request a steward, he needs to immediately stop his line of questioning or discussion until a steward is present. Not only would he be violating the contract if he continued without a steward present, he would also be violating the law.

    I've seen many, many sups transferred, not to be seen again, for this exact issue.
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    That would be 2 steps of discipline for 1 occurance, a verbal and a written at the same time.
    That would be harassment?
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    Absolutely, when a member believes he/she could possibly face discipline they have the right to have a union representative present. Google Weingarten Rights or click this link

    If the manager denied the member's right to union representation, your local should file a Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) against management.