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    K here's my issue I got hurt while driving a p5 last week when the front right tire almost came off while driving 50-60km/h (30-40mph) due to a bearing letting go, wich also led to me losing brake power cause the brake drum was still attached to the tire and lost the brake fluid, as this happened the p5 pulled hard to the right, and I had to pull the steering wheel as hard as I could to the left to avoid hitting a telephone pole. I ended up messing up my shoulder and now am on light duties and have to goto start time is at 7 and now My manager is telling me I have to start at 9:15 wich makes me lose my 1 to 1:1/2 hrs of over time is this allowed?? Or is he in the wrong ? Also do u think I have a case for harressment since he is giving me such a hard time and kicks me out of the office cause he doesn't wanna see me tells me to go sit in a 5x5 room where all the servers are and stay there, also didn't pay me for an optional I took two weeks ago and is now just a he said she said bs battle and still won't pay me for it? I've called are ba but no help there and still wait for a call back from him
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    If you are working inside you get 8 hours we dont have an overtime guarentee, but an 8 hour guarentee.

    as far as BA not calling back put in another call.

    They get so many calls in a day sometimes its hard to remember this for the problem you have is the only one you are concerned about only natural, but they get so many calls and have to deal with them all.

    Mayby a private conversation with manager asking why are you speaking to me so harshley will help contract says we need to treat each other with respect, goes both ways.

    personally i would not file harasment charges go in sit in room dont look for anyone work as directed, it will blow over, no manager likes to report accidents or injuries, but it happens. they will get over it they have had a cold before.

    speak to your steward about OP day pay, and have you even spoke to your steward about the way manager is talking to you? i would start there before i call BA thats is what steward is for.
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    Toyotaman any thing new to post on your issue?