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    I've been looking at applying for a package handler job. The 2 places that always seem to come up are a hub and the other is a center. From what I understand the hub is big and the other is smaller. Which one would be better if I wanted the most hours or "double shifts" as I'm reading some people do. Also which would have a better chance of promotion to something better like supervisor or driver? I like the idea of the 4-9 sunrise shift. If anybody could give me any insight or info on the difference between the two I'd highly appreciate it. This would be a second job for me. Thanks and I look forward to hearing back :)
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    Keep in mind though, if you have a second job, the hours are not flexible. Around peak season the shifts get longer and you don't have the option of coming in late or leaving early because of another job.
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    Hub is generally better, much better chance of moving up into a feeder position, if that is what you want.
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    VERY long, they start anywhere between 12:15-12:30 am here.... But there are many more opportunities to move up since there are always people being moved around.

    Good luck !
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    I appreciate the quick responses! My current job is weekends only so I don't think I should have any problem.
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    With the exception of the past couple of years a typical hub usually has a rather long wait time to go full-time. Typically 7-12 years while an extended center is typically half. But....a hub has 22.3 jobs and feeder jobs. If you are in an area where the extended centers and hubs are on the same seniority lists for bidding full-time jobs then the choice comes down to which is an easier commute for you.
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    Apply to a local Spoke. That's your best bet!