Need some tips from some Veteran drivers

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    Im sure a topic just like this has been posted before but i couldnt find one exactly like the questions i have.

    This season i was a seasonal helper to earn a few extra bucks for xmas. But fell in love with the job and have made the decision that that is my goal to be a driver full time. I know from talking to my driver and some others that the process isnt the easiest or the fastest. I know you have to do the warehouse first and work your way up and so on. But now that the season is over i dont know how to get into the warehouse. My driver said they would call me and offer me a job, and another one said they wouldn lol. I dont want to take any chances on waiting and missing my opportunity. So my questions to all of you with the similar experience is...

    Should i just wait? Do they offer you a job? If not whats the best course of action, to email the hr lady or call up the helper coordinator and ask him? I know i at least have to see my driver once more to get my check and turn in uniform, do i just hand him a resume? I Really like the company and the job. I was good at it and looked forward to it and want to make it my career. And info would help tremendously. Thank you!

    Im in the baltimore area, the Hub locally is Sparks, MD.
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    Not a driver, but I would call. They will most likely have you apply at ups jobs.
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    After my first peak season, I emailed the center manager to let him know I was still interested. I started Fulltime/Partime in May of that year. Pays ok, benefits are great !!!
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    I emailed him every two weeks to stay in touch. It paid off !!!
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    Can we sticky this thread. We all know at least 5 more people are going to ask this same question in the coming weeks.
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    ^^^^ This! call your HR rep every week as well. Being persistent goes a very long ways in this company
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    Sounds silly to keep pestering them but the majority of HR are total flakes. Had to keep hounding the lady to get me in for my paper work, file my physical, etc for going FT PC. No sense of urgency on her end, but then we have centers/hubs just waiting for drivers/workers.
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    If it`s not to far away, I would go there in person every week to see if a spot has opened up. Make contact with the same person weekly.
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    Don't expect to get in the building for a few months at least. We've already let a few seasonal package handlers go this week.

    I was a driver helper with a 'positive re-hire status' and couldn't even get an interview date until May (yes I had to do the interview process all over again), and once they finally offered me the job they set the orientation for 3 weeks later!

    If you do get in the building you will most likely need a second job anyway so my suggestion is start looking for another job with flexible hours while you wait.
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    let your HR person know you're interested in staying with UPS. if there is a spot available, and you didn't suck, they'll contact you

    don't call the HR supe EVERY day, unless you really want to make them hate you. twice a week is reasonably persistent
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    Ive been working part time for the better part of 7 yrs...3people are now at 12 yrs part time...make sure this is what u really want
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    Thanks for all the info guys got a pretty good idea of what I have to do lol. I was thinking, for my final paycheck do they mail it or do u meet your driver just to get it? Also still have my uniform, would it be beneficial for me to go down to the hub in person to make an impression and let them know I'm really interested? And when yal say you emailed every week or so what were you saying each time? Just checkin if there was any openings or a friendly kinda deal? And is it bad to see if your drjver would "put in a good word for you" to the hugher ups? Again thanks for your help I'll let you know if I have anymore questions.
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    Really????? I would say you need to brush up on your search skills. Enough has been posted in the last couple of months that you could read for days and not get through it all. Most of them say the same that has already been posted.
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    I called the Center Manager every other week for about 3 months. Before I was hired, I thought it showed initiative. Then I found out they hire anyone with a pulse. I'd still call though and act like you need them, but if you were a good helper, they more than likely will need you. I'm going on my 5th year and if I stayed on preload, I'd be #6 of 30 on seniority.

    It's all about your building though. The wait is different for each one.
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    We had a great guy who was helper organizer. He'd call me every day to see if I needed help. Great organizational skills. Older, and with a pulse, actually I told him he would make a great addition to our team. I originally thought he was a sup from another center, then he told me after yesterday he would be job hunting again. I hope they find a position for him.