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    Is Express really that bad? What is the future for Express? Im very curious because I've read a lot of bad things. I like working for Express and I can see myself doing this for my career. First of, Im just a part-timer. I been part time for almost 2 years now. I work at a station in the SF Bay Area and if there is a raise this year, I'll be over 20.xx a hour. Although Im only part time, my station's volume is really high throughout the year. In the past 2 years, I have been getting decent hours and I've never made the minimum per week. Sometimes I actually hit 40 in a week, not including peak time. I can only see myself getting a full time position here and just rely on that. Im 32 years old and have no degree, Im thinking this is the best I got. Would love to hear some feedback or advice.

    Oh and I know a full time position can take a long time. All my coworkers have informed me that. But Im very well aware of that. And if I really cannot wait, I will transfer to a full time swing elsewhere.
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    None of us know what the future is for Express. We can only see how it is trending and if the current trend continues the will not be much of a future to speak of. There are always stations that located in areas where business is bucking the trend and it sounds like you are in one of them so enjoy it while it lasts. However, you have to consider the fact that your story could be repeated by most of the old timers on this board should be a warning to you. It is probably a better idea to look into splitting your time between being part-time at FedEx and part time in a local college to get the degree that is holding you back from having better alternatives to choose from. Your station is always at the mercy of a large shipper or two that can change shipping habits at anytime which would result in you getting the minimum hours as a part-timer or full-timer. Making 20.xx an hour is only as good as your cost of living will permit, if you live in Florida it is pretty good, if you live SF Bay Area it is not so good. Do not make Express your long term option if can help it, LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT. You will appreciate it down the road. Best of luck.

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    Excellent advice.
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    If you are single with no dependents and intend to stay that way it can be an OK job. If you aspire to anything more. Use your part time status and go back to school. Or start your own business. You need another avenue as a front line position at FedEx is a dead end. They have discovered that they can abuse their employees to boost profits and they are quite happy with that. There is no reason to think they would go back to the old model of respecting and rewarding the work we do.

    Hanna = 29 years with FedEx.
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    FedEx has accelerated the abuse of their employees in recent years.
    Most talent has left leaving a mediocre pipeline for future upper management.
    It's a dying company.
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    My current mgr is a pretty sharp 25 yr old. We have another about the same age in ASPIRE who is sharp as a tack. The thing is there will alway be young, hungry, ambitious people from podunkville who know being a courier is a dead end and that management is a way out. They may be too young to realize the ramifications of enforcing hardship on their employees, and unfortunately by the time they are mature enough many are too calloused to care. But they are out there, and FedEx has dumbed down courier work to the point that just about anyone can do it. They had to, the quality young people coming up see the writing on the wall pretty quick and there are only so many management jobs.
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    It's bad, but you already know that. Your post reads like a rationalization, not a question.
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    We old timers (26 yrs for me) are here because in the beginning life was great, but life sneaks up on you fast. Family, houses, etc. A lot of us are in our late forties or fifties and are at the point of.... Where else can we go having been couriers for so long? Avoid that trap.
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    But if he transfers out he won't be making 20/hr in FL with only 2 years PT probably only make 14-15. If you are single young(32 is kinda on the border) then yes you can probably make a ok living on 20/hr. Depends on your living situation etc. I wouldn't count and don't count on Express as a career, and also am in the process of resigning, Applications and Interviews are constant. Companies are out there who want the best, and provide the best. FedEx doesn't want the best employees anymore, so they don't offer the best.
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    Good luck with that. Florida is a tough place to make a living.
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    FedEx, where mediocre is good enough to have you run the company.
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    One more thing.... If you do decide to stay at FedEx, please never forget that you are just a warm body, a number, filling a position. Do not delude yourself into believing that you are more than that. I have seen many couriers go above and beyond (myself included), by being the go-to person, international specialist, DG specialist, etc., thinking that it may help them down the road. Only do these things if they are to your benefit NOW (ie. hours or OT). If you are injured or it is time for mgmt to cut hours, trust me, you will be left hanging and your feelings hurt. It happens all the time. There is no loyalty from mgmt when this happens. Doesn't matter how nice they are or how good of a manager they are. They have bills to pay, mortgages, kids in college, etc., same as we do. If it comes down to them protecting you at risk of them losing their jobs, guess who will lose....
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    Thanks for all you guys insight. I think im going to look into some classes this fall and try to get a degree while being part time. I just might have to turn down a full time position and focus on school:(. Also might look into management. My manager wants to enroll me in the program. I forgot whats it called but it isnt Aspire anymore. Thanks again guys
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    God, this is so true. How many times have you heard a manager say "I need some bodies" or " I need a body for Rt. 123"? And it doesn't matter if you are Genesis-qualified, DG, International or whatever else....they only need you when they need you. If anything goes wrong, you will be blamed and disciplined and if hours need to be cut...too bad.

    You are an employee number, an "asset" # just like the vehicle you drive. I have seen so many people fit the description you just gave. Totally dedicated, participate in all company functions, management's right hand, and then BOOM, you get injured or they need to screw you over by re-sectoring your route so you're doing 25% more than anyone else for the same or less money.

    I know someone who was basically a defacto manager. She could do anything, and do it well. CSA, DG, International, Genesis...all of it. When the managers were gone (often) she would run the station. Plus she was an excellent courier. Her "reward" was to have her route changed so she had an extra 10 P1 every day, which was impossible since she was already doing the max.

    Within a week, she had seriously twisted an ankle running down stairs to try and make service. Suddenly, she was dirt, the injury was her fault, and the injury turned out to be a break. Displaced, and treated like garbage. She quit within a month.
  17. Operational needs

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    If you get into management, AGFS is definitely the way to go. The difference is night and day. You have no life as a DGO manager depending on where you are. FedEx OWNS you. At a Ramp, the stress level is so much lower from what I've seen, and they don't work the long hours that they do at stations.
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    Ever heard of "a deal with the devil?"

    Focus on you schooling.