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    Ok look. I have something I want to say but this is pesonal but its ok cause nobody knows my face right? Ok I am working at ups cause I have a problem and dont want to be in a store with people. I have tourette syndrom and the one I have is called coprolia whch is when I say things but dont mean it. So at ups I am alone alot and in and out fast with the boxes when I can. Somy queston is can this union protect me if I say something by accident? You know I may see a fat person and its in my mind so I say your a big fatty or soemthing but I DONT mean it honest.
    I had so many jobs but had to leave because of this. I dont like the manaer here like I said because I said something and he laughed. Maybe he knows I have tourett now.

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    Most of the time I would say you would blend right in with the rest of the name calling, foul mouthed , inconciderate troops:happy2:
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    Maybe you would be covered under The American Disability Act. I would make sure there is written documentation of your diagnosis.
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    I would for sure have a written note from my doctor stating your condition and also something written out (from the internet or something) that explains specifically your type of disability, the consequences and its ramifications. Good luck.
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    First off, UPS hired you the way you are. Since they know of your condition, or you "aquired" it while you were there, they have the responsibility to protect you from the general public, and them from you.

    If you have a stop or two that is giving you a hard time, go to your sup and center manager. Explain to them what you are having difficulty with. If you want, take your union rep as well, it might not hurt. But the first meeting, make it as unthreatening as you can. They have the obligation to help you with situations on your route that are beyond your control. Never forget that. That is their primary job, to help you with those situations that are beyond your control. If they do not respond to your request, document the meeting. It cant hurt later on if an issue comes up.

    The ADA might be of help, but maybe not. But you might want to stack the deck in your favor anyway.

    Let us know how you make out.

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    Wow. Thank u all for your undrstanding. You make me fell good. Danny I am afraid to say anythng but if I do should it be to a sup or a union guy? Its mostly under contrl. I have my medicines of course. Wow thank you everyone again. You are all very very nice. Thanks

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    It is your responsibility to make management aware of a difficult situation that you face on your own out on road. It is their responsibility to deal with it, so you can deliver unhindered. And you have my respect for mainstreaming, and at a UPS delivery job no less.

    You have a problem. You are dealing with it honestly. And once those involved understand the issue, it should become a non issue.

    But again, document things. If you ask them for help, document the date, and who and what was said. It cant hurt.

    You said the manager laughed when you said something off the cuff? Well, talk to that manager man to man about the problem.

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    You should be protected by ADA as well as the Union. As far as saying something inappropriate, that happens everyday in the HUB environment at UPS. The f-word gets thrown around more in the HUB then it does in a porno.`
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    From what I have read, it is not so much the language in the hub that he is concerned about, it is his interaction with customers on the road. I will admit that my understanding of this affliction is limited at best, mostly to what I have seen in movies. Documentation, both by your personal doctor and your center team, is crucial for you at this point so that an "outburst" would be linked to Tourette's and not poor customer service skills. You indicated that it is mostly under control and that your prescribed medication seems to help. I applaud your courage in bringing this in to this forum, where unfortunately not everyone has the ability to accept people for who they are or what limitations they bring to the table (see also "Deaf Driver"). I truly hope everything works out well for you.
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    It's been so long since I've seen an employment application, that I'm not certian what they even look like anymore. Could any of the responses on the application be interpreted as falsification?
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    I dont think that the application has a place for disabilities? If so, I would suspect it would be against the law.

    I never filled out an application for UPS. They needed some help right before christmas, then everyday on the way to my classes at 7AM, I would stop and ask if they would need any help the next day. Feb 2 they did, and the rest is history.

    That might also explain why I was there almost 12 years before payroll finally spelled my name right for the first time.

    I must admit that my experience with this type of problem is limmited. But the principle is the same as it would be with any other issue.

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    Nobody knows and so I said nothing. But I will take the advicve of you all and tell my manager this week maybe. It will be hard and I hope I can do it. Its nice to be on this place cause when I type I type bad tings but I can erase it. In real life I cant erase away anything so I am happy here writing. Thanks everyone again. Thanks
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    Dude, let us know how you make out. I would be interested in thier response to your honesty.

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    You are covered under the ADA. If the disability interferes with the job, accomodations will be made. You may want to have a business card made that is short and sweet and directs someone to the internet for more info on your disability.

    If you say something inappropriate you could apologize and hand them a card to check out your disability on line. Most of the time a well meaning apology will suffice for many of our shortcomings. So keep that in mind and you should not have any issues.

    If it were me I would take my boss aside and explain to him/her your affliction so they are not blindsided if something happens.
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    Something to think about. I spoke to a union agent that has been dealing with UPS for quite a while. I asked him about your issue.

    He stated that while going to your sup and discussing the problem with them openly would not hurt, bottom line is that some day, something could get said that might be a real problem and cause you grief, and a lost job.

    His suggestion was to develop your job skills to where your customer contact is very minimal, to lessen the chance of problems. Feeders, inside full time etc.

    He was worried that with some of the track records of hearings on subjects close to yours, you would be at a disadvantage.

    Not something I wanted to hear, but still something to think about. If you can avoid a problem, that might be the way to go.