Never received my last check

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    I quit UPS in early to mid October and never received the paycheck for my last week of work. I didn't have direct deposit so they had been giving the checks to me at work. I think my PT supe said they'd mail in and it could take 2 or 3 weeks but it has a good month. How do I get the check? I'm planning on working December (assuming they will take me as a seasonal, which is what they said when I quit) so would I get the check that first week?
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    Go back to where you worked and tell them all that you posted here. The check probably wasn't mailed and is sitting in someone's desk drawer waiting for it's owner.
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    It's owed to you so just keep bugging them till you get it. You have to stay on them.
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    If you quit in OCT there not going to hire you as a seasonal person in DEC
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    Final checks are not normally mailed... you are supposed to pick it up in person. and do your "exit" interview.

    My sister worked, and quit(with no notice) and the check was held for her.. she fought for months and months, they finally agreed to mail it because she had moved out of state.
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    Its probably either in your PT sup's drawer, or in the office drawer...I would recommend direct deposit...I always get my check friday early morning around 2am...and i can check them at every thursday early morning around 2 or 3am....

    If not in any of the drawers....just bother them until they get it...when I got promoted to pick off, my manager was on vacation so when i took the sort test so i worked all week without my raise, but when he got back I told him I was up top all week, and would like that back pay...i got it 2 weeks later..but i had to ask a few times...
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    But my Full time supervisor told me before I left that he could pick me up as a seasonal hire...I don't think he'd lie...and they really need workers. On any case when I call to ask to be re-hired I'll mention the check
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    It's the turkey money for xmas this yr ! :funny:
    Thanks for the nice dinner, Ramned) :)

    It took me 7 weeks to get my final pay (direct deposit).
    Who knows what game, they are playing with you ?
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    I wonder if Klein wil actually take the time off or keep posting while on vacation?
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    A vacation from Brown Cafe for Klein would be a vacation for us all.:wink2:
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    Steve, You had to actually ask that? (look at his new avatar......):yawn:
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    Not necessarily true. It used to be that way, but not any more. If he was a really good worker, he will be re-hired.
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    It's the other part that I'm worried about.:sad-little::wink2:

    I try not to look at Kleins avatar, EVER!:happy2:
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