Never see a USPS mail truck after 530

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    I have always been amazed that I have never seen a mailman delivering after 515-530,and usually everyday at least 10 or 15 mailtrucks pass thru my area on the way back to their local Letter Center between 4-430. Even during peak i never see them out late,and they all love ragging me about my helper and dont believe me when i tell them we regularly work a great deal of OT. They DO love whinging about the 50-60 surepost bags stuffed with packages I bring them everyday!
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    Well think about it their day just doesn't change a lot from day to day. They cover the same area everyday and will have mail for almost every house everyday. Their dispatch is planned accordingly. Where as me a ups man have had the same area on my truck Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Monday 52 stops 200 miles 7 hour day. Tuesday 85 stops 235 miles and a 9 hour day. Wednesday 91 stops 270 miles and had to meet someone for late air. This all with no extra or less splits exact same stuff as far as dispatch is concerned. This is why our days change so much from day to day.
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    They work late out here in my city. Was walking to the same house at 715 the other day. I see em out on my way home and am like wow, post office taking some ups work scheduling tips.
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    52 stops done by 11am here, he he. Of course a football stadium is bigger than my route.
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    I got a delivery last week from the post office at 7:28pm.
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    The postal contract reqiures double time after 9 hours work. No one goes over 9 hours period. Even if the route is not finished. Don't you see them meeting and exchanging work in the early afternoon?? And all of them returning at the same time in the evening. It works for them..not sure it would work for uPS.
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    Umm... it doesn't really work for them considering the state of their deficits. Although I heard their pension fund is like thirty years paid ahead. Don't know how true this is though
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    You don't see the mail lady around here after 3pm.