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  1. Browndude1217

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    I am a full time package cover driver. With the new 9.5 language I was able to opt in to the 9.5 list. I covered a route for a full week and went over 9.5 at least 3 days. I have been on the list for three weeks now. I am being told I can not file a grievance for UpS to comply tho unless I cover a full week on a route and go over at least 3 days. Since being on the list my center has moved me route to route daily. Each day going over 9.5 by at least an hour...yet I can do nothing about it. Has anyone had any run ins with this situation? I feel that once I am on the 9.5 list, I should be able to file my grievance as long as I go over any 3 days in a matter the route or routes I am covering that week.
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    The way it worked in our building was, you had to work 5 days straight in the same route and be violated 3 days in that week. Now you just have to have 3 9.5s to get on the list in a five day period. After your on the list in our building you could do 5 different routes and still file if they hit you with 3 9.5s in a week.
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    If you're on the list already, they should be honoring it. Talk to your shop steward of business agent asap.

    If all else fails, file a damn grievance already!!!
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  4. Browndude1217

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    Yeah I'm on list already. I would assume it doesn't matter what I do I should always be kept under 9.5 now. Just trying to get a feel on how other hubs approach this. My district steward is telling me different.
  5. BrownTexas

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    I would keep a record of all the routes you run. Use your seniority as best you can to stay on a route as long as possible. Once a pattern shows I would file a 9.5 grievance and make them kick it out or file a harassment grievance stating they are moving you on purpose because of you being on the 9.5 list.
  6. toonertoo

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    You will get slammed 2 days out of the 5. If you go over on the other 3 they will blame you. I just got on it and I expect I will have 3 9.5s, and 2 12s.
  7. 728ups

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    they may blame you,but they will also PAY you. dont sweat it
  8. Coldworld

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    I thought with the new language they couldn't hit you on the last two days...I see this being hard to enforce unless there is an actual number of hours that is agreed on for the 2 non 9.5 days
  9. Benben

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    There is language in the contract to prevent this...USE IT! It is the only damn thing in the entire contract that we can actually say we gained! Hoffa or hall, if I see you in a dark ally expect my foot buried in your :censored2:!
  10. By The Book

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    What is your seniority date? Is it over 4 years? Article 37 of the national master spells this out. You need to be looking at the current contract also.
  11. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back..... think with ups getting the health care thing we should have seen lots of small improvements that would have made a big difference..