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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by peacock71, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. peacock71

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    Let's Start a new thread here to keep track of business that returns to UPS and starts's it going out there?

    Go UPS!
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    Great idea P71!

    Not sure when the official announcement will happen, may already have, but look for huge major company to announce UPS will help them make their operations, especially retail outlets more efficent. This could also lead to a relationship that does benefit on the package side and IMO the exposure would be a real plus.

    I'm assuming the deal is done because this company was brought to our site several weeks ago for a tour and management tolds us the deal went through. When I see an official release I'll confirm who the company is.
  3. bigshot

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    Burlington to Cut 130 Jobs, Phase Out Trucking Unit
    By Judy Fettner

    Greensboro, North Carolina, Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Burlington Industries Inc. will cut about 130 jobs as the textile maker that sought bankruptcy protection last year phases out its trucking operations.

    Burlington expects to complete the elimination of its trucking and transportation offices by February, the company said in a statement. The company will have more than 7,000 employees after the job cuts, spokesman Ross Haymes said.

    Burlington said United Parcel Service Inc.'s Supply Chain Solutions unit agreed to handle the worldwide shipment of Burlington's products. Terms of the agreement weren't disclosed.

    Burlington determined that using UPS would be cheaper than restructuring its operations to handle worldwide shipments, Haymes said.
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    in my center we have recently gotten back 2 very large accounts the first one we were getting about 40% of the pkgs and now we get everything which is a trailer load per day of mostly air and the 2nd account is one that we were getting the air but not the ground and we then lost the air to fdx also but we have now gotten back all of the air and ground which is a trailer of ground per day and around 6oo nda per week.
  5. peacock71

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    It would also be interesting to know (esp since I am not an operations guy), if any business is coming back this peak, because the other guys can't handle it to the customer's satisfaction.

    Go UPS!
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  6. rushfan

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    I Delivered a few Spiegel packages last week. Maybe this is something, or just easing the burden off the postal service.
    Good Topic.
  7. browndude

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    i noticed a few spiegal pkgs back too. maybe more will follow.
  8. hr

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    I received a shipment from Costco yesterday that came UPS. They used to exclusively use Airborne.
  9. tieguy

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    I hope its a good sign but I don't think so. F_word and P_word can't handle the big numbers therefore we tend to get the extra packages from the big shippers at peak.
  10. peacock71

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    Shipped 16 packages from our local girl scout troop to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. All worked quickly and easily, all packages dropped off at the receiving counter woth '0' delay, all delivered (TOYS) on time for Christmas. Had the girls tracking them as they went through Saddle Brook, CACH Hub etc...made a big impression, especially when they saw the name of their contact in the 'signed for'. This kind of capability should keep customers coming back...

    Go UPS!
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    Not sure about the returned business numbers but our volume for peak at our location was above plan. Even last night the projection was for volume to be way down and we manned down to meet the projection but our actual was nearly double what the plan was. It was a tough night to say the least but it felt good to see the volume still there. Hoping this is a sign of things to come. To echo P71, GO UPS!
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    Corp volume numbers for 4th quarter will likely come in -2 or 3% to last year. Sales ($$$) will have been boosted by rate increases, leaving us about even on sales for quarter.

    Running more or less than plan is, of course, a sum of many factors, such as how tight the plan was to begin with, is "processed" volume actual "billed" volume, etc.

    This was not a good quarter for UPS. Let's hope we can find a way to stop the bleeding to Fedex in 2003 or current performance will actually look great looking back Dec 2003.
  13. peacock71

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    Don't rate increases go into effect next week? I think volume will be about the same for the 4th quarter as last year (-1% ground) with modest increases in Air and Intl, not as great as originally planned but on par with revised estimates. Bad news from retailers today on store sales, but online sales soared, helping UPS a little...

    Go UPS!
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    While we lost 2 large shippers in our area (30-40 trailer loads a week) we have seen some come back like avon. I guess the FDX home delivery aint working so good[​IMG].

  15. over70lbpkg

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    I've heard that FedEx home delivery isn't anywhere near UPS in regards to on-time delivery. One company I know of was experiencing over 5% late deliveries!!
  16. johnny_b

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    Danny: I don't know if you ever lost Avon. We got a bunch of Avon recently and then it went away. I wonder if your loads weren't sent to us? I know we aren't all that far from each other.

    The largest shipper at our hub recently fired Airborne for a bunch of internationals/air. Not a lot of boxes, but pricey ones.

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    Also, the local RPS building has maybe 20 doors, and I am being very generous. We have 108 gates and 4 doors for the reasonable sized center people to get in and out. They may be spending millions... but they are WAY behind.
  18. tieguy

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    We have never lost Avon. Fedex has been Soliciting however they have so far been unsuccessfull. If you are in the Metro philpa / wilpa area then what you have seen is our moving the north bound loads to different hubs in that area to address operational concerns at different times of the year.
  19. dannyboy

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    Tie Guy, As usual you let your mouth run ahead of your brain. We lost Avon about two years ago, and only now are getting some of it back, the ones that you have to drive 15 miles one way to get to. Mostly in southwest Virginia. I guess FDX ground just were not that interested in keeping that segment of the business.

    Now any thing close in or inside the Tri, they still have 100% of that volume. Used to be we could count on at least 4 areas to be cut in on avon day. Now the total for the centers is maybe 25-35 packages per week.

    As to FDX home delivery, WE cant even get within 95% ontime delivery for home deliveries. If they are slipping, then it is minimal in our area. I usually get 2 day service from them from southern fla where UPS takes 3-4 days for the same shipment.

    Thing is, we can NOT hide behind our past as big Brown, we have to fight like never before to keep, and hold on to EVERY customer we can. We have to act like the upstart company, get hungry for new business and go after it!

  20. tieguy

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    Actually Danny boy I pick them up and process them therefore I know exactly what I am talking about. I have dealt with this account for at 15 to 20 years. I hope your not going to prove to be as slanderous as the kid.