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    Hello fellow UPSers. Just thought I would take a few minutes to drop by, introduce myself, and vent about my life at UPS.

    I have been a PTer on the Rockford IL air ramp for over 9 years. I started when I was 19 years old. My goal when I started was to get a full-time job. In the meantime, I took advantage of the Earn and Learn program to pursue a degree. I'm not there yet, but I will be shortly.

    When I first started in 98, I assumed (stupidly) that I would get FT in a few years. With the contract in 02, I assumed (again, stupidly) that I would benefit from one of the 10,000 FT jobs to be created. On Aug. 1 of this year, I asked our local Union rep about the 25 or so FT jobs that our building was supposed to get. I was told that we would not be getting them...they were going to another building. Our facility has over 2,000 employees; we were done with FT jobs for this contract.

    I can't put into words how utterly frustrating and demoralizing it is to put over 9 years of hard work into a company for what seems like nothing. I have read a lot of other threads around here where people go FT after 3 or 4 years. I had been frustrated for years; this was a new low. I don't want it to sound like I hate my job. The pay and benefits are perfectly fine with me. I like the work I do. I've made a lot of great friends.

    A few weeks ago, a posting for 3 FT package car driving jobs went up. I put my bid in. I was number 4 on the list. So close, yet once again I came up short. Ahh, but a bit of good news. One of the guys that got a job in front of me reportedly doesn't care for it and is thinking of disqualifying himself, putting me next in line for the job. It would really be ideal for me. Days, great pay, and honest hard work. After patiently waiting for so many years, I think I deserve it. If the guy decides to keep the job, there may be a few more opportunites soon. Another gentleman just retired from his night ramp/preload job which I may bid on. Rumor also has it that a few more FT package car jobs will be coming up at the beginning of the year. I want to get my foot in the door, but would also much prefer to be a driver than load for them.

    Anyhow, thanks for reading my rant.

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    It sometimes takes a while...thats for sure, but something I will always keep with me from my 7 years of part-time is the respect for the part-timer. Its hard to support a family on 2 or 3 jobs which many part-timers do. In the next few years there will be lots of movement in most medium and large hubs from all the feeder and drivers who will be retiring and many of the senority lists will become shorter, which is good for all involved
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    Goodluck on getting the FT spot. I really don't know how some of you can wait that long to get to FT. I guess I just really lucked out in my center (2 years).
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe!
    9 years is an awful long time if you have been trying to go full time. You should have plenty of seniority to get the next FT or 22.3 job. Get with HR and make sure your are signed up on all lists. There should be a 22.3 list, FT Driver list and Inside FT job list (porter or Customer Ctr Clerk etc.) Make sure you get copies of the requests and an estimated amount of time you should be waiting.

    If you get any resistance go up the ladder. Ask for the HR manager and get representation from the union if you need it.

    7 years is a long time to wait but nine years....something is wrong!

    Also - You might want to consider checking out areas that have more mobility. Some hubs have higher turnover than others find out where the jobs are. Get the can always put in for a transfer in 6 months.
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    i was part time for 11 years and that is about average in our hub......all i can say is, be careful what you wish for......there are a lot of us in our building that would go back part time, given the chance..........and i have been full time for seven years now......good luck!!
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    No you wouldn't. If that was'd have quit by now.
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    What? Here we go again.