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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownrecluse, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. brownrecluse

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    Greetings. 1st time seasonal package car driver here... with keen interest in career @ UPS. Or so I thought...

    I am in the midst of an unexpected career change, as real estate appraising in MI took a tumble with the MI real estate market. I've read both recent books about UPS (you know the ones), and I have a few acquaintances that are with (or recently retired from) the company as well. All of the information that I have indicates that UPS is a great company to work for (all naiveté aside of course). And - quite frankly - I want it to be great.

    However, with so many negative posts on this forum regarding UPS and Teamsters (governance), I am beginning to second-guess myself.

    Am I missing something? Can anyone shed a little light on this subject please? I appreciate any insight from all sides. Thank you.
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    I started out as a driver helper while I was laid off from a factory job. I did this for two Christmas'. I then drove for three free periods which consisted of two summers and one Christmas. I then gained seniority had to call in for a year and a half. Fifteen years later I would do it again. All jobs have there ups and downs. If you can put up with some crap and stupidity then you are over half way there.

    The pay and benies are good. There is always going to be people who complain and I am no exception. Start talking to some of your co-workers and I am sure you will hear some positives. Good Luck....
  3. over9five

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    You can't judge a job based on what you hear on a website. Think about it, most people come online to express a problem. You just don't hear as much from people who are happy!

    Base your decisions on your own experience at work, not what you read here.
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    First off, you do understand that you are a "Seasonal" aka "Temp" driver,and will be laid off Xmas Eve. Now that said, you don't decide if you want to make a new career at UPS. UPS will decide it for you. And unfortunately the F/T hiring ratio between "outside" newbies to "inside" part timers is not in your favor. But if you stand out and your Center has a F/T opportunity for you, I would not 2nd guess. It might not be for you, but part time might be a more realistic approach, then at least you have your foot in the door. Anyway..Good Luck....If the USA can beat the Russians in hockey in the 80's, then yes "I believe in miracles".
  5. LKLND3380

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    We bring up the bad and post here but forget some of the good...

    The good - Monday is over...
  6. Leftinbuilding

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    The job is largely what you make it. Some people seem predisposed to being miserable. Your attitude will determine your happiness level at UPS.
  7. Damok

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    Quoted For Truth.
  8. brownrecluse

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    Thanks to all. I appreciate the feedback.
  9. brownrecluse

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    Well put! :biggrin:
  10. Captain America

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    The job is great, but you don't get paid to do the job. You get paid to put up with the BS that tries to keep you from doing your job. :tongue_sm
  11. Sammie

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    For what it's worth, UPS is not a cake walk. Every job there, union
    or not, is very fast paced with minimal training. Swim or sink is a term
    you will often hear.

    Maybe if you take a quick glimpse at the comments here it may appear
    that we hate our wages, we hate our jobs, we hate the company. But
    keep in mind that this is a place to vent, which many of us don't even
    do with our spouses because they don't work here and wouldn't understand.

    And as far as the Teamster issues, it's all about providing a company
    with dependable workers who will put in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Those workers also deserve a piece of the pie when
    they work for a money maker like UPS. And that's where it gets tricky.

    Yes, this is a huge company with a lot of problems including a greed factor but for those who have planned ahead rather than whine, for those who take responsibility for their lives and their jobs, ours is a situation many people would give their eye teeth to be a part of. We work our hynies off but we're the best paid in the industry.
  12. Damok

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    I love this!! mind if I steal it? It would make an awesome sig. :)
  13. The Brown Santa

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    Be prepared to get the runaround from management when you ask a direct question. They seem to play dumb when it comes to "will I get hired" or "am I coming back after peak" I was laid off for 5 months and called once a week, same old story....maybe next week...maybe next week.....

    Eventually in my building they hired 4 from the outside and luckily I was one of them. I busted my ass for two free periods, no breaks, no lunches etc. If you stand out from the rest and show them you want it, it can happen. Now it's time to slow down the pace and take all my breaks.
  14. satellitedriver

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    I started at UPS 21 yrs ago. 33 yrs old, net worth about $20,000.00
    I am 54. My net worth is over $500,000.00 now, and debt free.
    I am just a driver, but UPS has made this possible for me.
    It is not easy row to hoe, but with effort and planning one can make a decent living.
    It all depends on you, not others negativity.
  15. browned out

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    This is not a good job but it pays well. Don't cheat, work with integrity and most importantly Don't let em push you around.

    "you can do it " Rob Scneider paying tribute to Bella Karolyi
  16. brownrecluse

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    I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you!