New Building, Not Transfered


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They just recently opened a new super hub very near to the hub where I've been working. My wife works on the night shift and I work on the twilight shift. When my wife comes in she brings our kid and we trade off as I come out and she goes in.

Ever since they announced that all of night and most of twilight would be transferring to the new hub I've been telling them that I need to be transferring with the group that moves over the same time as the night shift.

My full time supervisor has been telling me that I would be transferring to the new hub. I have been under the expectation I would be in the transfer group until today, the last day before the transfer I was told I was on the list to stay.

Obviously UPS doesn't give a :censored2: about my special circumstance, the new sort manager said that it wasn't any inconvenience to me and is adamant that I am not transferring.

Do I have a seniority argument that if they are moving people to the new hub and I expressed my desire than I have a right to have my seniority matter? What, if anything, can I get out of a grievance?


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Obviously UPS doesn't give a :censored2: about my special circumstance

You are not going to be accommodated for your unique personal situation.

If they do something like that, they would be obligated to do things for other people also.

Not even with seniority? Are they allowed to transfer people with less seniority before me?


You need to talk with your Local Union. Find out if the company negotiated with the

Local Union on the change. There should be an agreement in writing.... what the details are.



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Grieve this - if they are transferring others - figure out which articles, it is. They like to see people in pain. Good luck.


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The belt I worked on was closed and I'm being transferred to another part of the operation. Does this language mean I have a right to follow my work to the new hub? Or is it saying UPS has to provide me with one of these things?

Article 38.2
2. Whenever a center or hub is partially closed and the work of
package drivers and all other regular employees, part-time and full-
time, excluding feeder drivers, is transferred to or absorbed by
another center, the affected employees may either follow their work
and have their seniority dovetailed in the new center or be allowed
to exercise their seniority in their present center and displace the
least senior employee in their respective classifications. If any of
the employees whose work is transferred elects not to follow his/her
work, then he or she shall have the same rights as the remaining
employees on the seniority list from which the work was transferred
to bid the work being transferred. Those employees who follow the
work shall have their seniority dovetailed in the new center.