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    How many of you drivers have noticed that the post office is the biggest stop of the day??We have drivers delivering over 200 pkgs a day to them!!I wonder how many routes across the country we dont have because the post office is the new ups driver.
  2. good point how did the union let then get away with this ????
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    Old story that has been discussed several times.
    Bottom line - all those packages would not be handled at all by UPS if we did not have the Basic service.
    So these packages increase the number of UPS drivers by 500 - 600 drivers.
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    Same way it happened at AirBorne and then DHL.When I was with them it started smal and grew pretty good.Heck at my building there was a extra run made up just to deliver to all the post offices.No way could I fit it ALL on my truck.
  5. IWorkAsDirected

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    Yea, right! I received an Amazon pkg today delivered by the mail carrier with a ups barcode!!! Don't try to tell me it's new volume, it would have been a resi delivery on a different route had it been delivered by the ups driver. We had virtually ALL Amazon volume when I was working, which is why I bought Amazon stock years ago at $35, it's over $100 now, I noticed how many packages we handled from them.
  6. Jones

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    Without this deal, it might have been delivered by a mail carrier without a UPS barcode.
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    We always do a lot of Christmas shopping at Amazon. My last two packages have come USPS. They always used to come UPS. I don't think I'll shop Amazon again.
  8. IWorkAsDirected

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    Believe what you tell yourself, no one else will.
  9. Jones

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    I really don't care one way or the other, I'm just sayin.
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    Why is this such a hard concept for some people to grasp? It's not rocket science folks. If a company is concerned about their bottom line, and want to use this lower level of service to save money and spend less on shipping, than it is reasonable to assume that they wouldn't be spending more money to ship it UPS Ground or higher.

    Therefore this volume is not taking away from jobs, it is creating them. You cannot take away something you never had. This volume belongs to USPS and FedEx SmartPost if we don't compete and offer UPS BASIC. It is that simple. Don't overthink it...
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    Although UPS still carries a decent amount of the heavier weight packages for Amazon, take a close look at the label on the next lightweight package from Amazon. Fedex Smart Post won a big chunk of their business. Fedex Smart Post is being very aggressive with shippers on light weight residential packages and winning business. Basic was originally designed to win USPS business and also some Fedex Smart Post. More and more companies are making the decision to "trade down" to a no-frills service for inexpensive ground residential shipments--no tracking, just delivery confirmation; no guarantee on the transit time but usually 3-6 days; no insurance but most lightweight items are under $100 in value.

    If UPS does not want to play in this lightweight residential market due to low margins, that's fine but employees have to know that the CUSTOMER is driving the use of these deferred services. Does anyone actually think UPS wants to lose this business? They don't but last time I checked, UPS was a for-profit business so if they can not make the margins they want for this lightweight residential business while convincing customers to use UPS Ground Residential, that business will slowly be going away. Fedex Smart Post and USPS Priority Mail will gain this business unless UPS gets more aggressive with Basic and Mail Innovations. That will also mean fewer single piece packages being delivered in extended residential areas but more bulf deliveries to USPS locations.

    Keep in mind that ALL UPS Basic packages are picked up, sorted, loaded and delivered by UPS Teamsters employees (either to customers door or USPS location). Fedex Smart Post is 100% delivered to your door by the USPS--Fedex Ground provides the pickup and linehaul only.
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    As the saying goes:
    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think.
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    Jones : [/QUOTE] Without this deal, it might have been delivered by a mail carrier without a UPS barcode. [/QUOTE]

    Anyone ever think of how many are shipping threw basic who can afford to ship ground & would of otherwise if this wasn't an option??????????

    How much has been lost to basic when they were already a ground customer base before.

    Next question, drum roll, when does it end. This new thing is just going to continue to grow and more ground will be lost to basic.

    The only reason to choose ground over basic really is for speciel requirements like signature request and things of that nature.

    10 yrs. from now ground could be no longer a standard but instead a special in the ranks of high comits like air and E.A.M's.

    Say hello to the future standard. say hellow to Basic. It's convenient, it's cheap and you don't have to wait all day tracking it cause it will be d.r. by end of day so rest assured all is well.

    This has only been going for a few months and it's putting a notice to many already.

    The only way you can say that it's new work and not downgraded volumn is to prove that these are new customers and at least 80% of the basic service volumn is completly additional to our normal average volumn before basic.

    Can anyone show me those stats????
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  14. Backlasher

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    Did we forget the words "Stealing work"?

    If Basic is not ground then why can't The part time air driver's get that work. See, if it's not ground then they don't Have to worry about paying us part time air guys ground rate or grievances from full timers. We get payed alot less and need more hours, especially guys like me being stuck on call for the past year. I need the work and I'm a bid air driver who needs work so why is the mailman delivering work I should have and I'm sure the costs would be at least the same then bulk stopping this crap at a post office and paying the mail carrier wage to deliver.
  15. Backlasher

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    One last thing.

    How many full timers would file a grievince if A part timer air guy was delivering ground work.

    As many as said yes then as many of those should be filing against this basic crap.

    I'm on call during peak for gods sake along with other drivers across the country.

    Us the workers are gaining very little from this basic.

    That should at least be my part time rate butt running those stops at the minimum.:angry:
  16. All Day

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    I am not with some of you guys on can you get mad over a 200 box bulk stop? UPS is trying to make money so we have jobs.....
    To many of you assume all these boxes would be ours if we didn't offer this service. As a driver, I would rather have the volume.
  17. satellitedriver

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    The only way you can say that it's new work and not downgraded volumn is to prove that these are new customers and at least 80% of the basic service volumn is completly additional to our normal average volumn before basic.

    Can anyone show me those stats????
    :surprised::surprised::knockedout:[/QUOTE] Excellent point.
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    Excellent point. [/QUOTE]

    Thanks, I was 2 tired last night 2 word it wright. Sorry i hijacked the thread last night but like we hear so often, ''see the big picture''. Late plan this morning so im waiting at the airport but at least I havd work 2day. I still cant see why us part time air guys cant run the basic on a high sporh run after air. its not ground and the post man gets more $ hourly so why cant it be cost effective considering its being shuttled and we could also cuf cost by cutting down on the shuttle by keeping it at our centers 4 part time drivers 2 snatch up.
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    Ok Backlasher... let's have it your way then. UPS offers no Basic service to compete with USPS and FedEx SmartPost. So now all these thousands of packages are no longer in the UPS network. Which means we need less feeder drivers, less package car drivers, and less part-time hourlies to sort and load. Throw in a few FT and PT management in there too, although this would affect more hourly than management.

    Congrats buddy, instead of being on-call, you are now permanantely laid off. Good luck with that!
  20. brownmonster

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    Part of the purpose of Basic is to save miles. These are primarily rural stops. What good would it do to have a seperate air driver delivering these boxes in the same areas as the regular driver. The regular driver is at some of these same stops or at least the same roads. We get the gravy part of the movement of these pkgs and the post office gets the leftovers. We don't have air drivers by us anyway.