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    I've been working since may 18 this year. I started out at 9.50 as an unloader 4-9am. Now I am sorting and it's a little too fast for me. I only weigh around 135 pds and putting things on top belt is rough for me. Anyone have any pointers for me?Also I believe I'm in the union but not sure. And after 90 days does my pay go up 1.00?
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    Don't whine about your weight as many of us weigh less. If your a guy, eat! If your a girl, start sucking it up now! Not trying to be rude, but this job isn't for the faint of heart. Get a load stand to help you reach. If they say no, file a safety grievance. Just because you just started, doesn't mean the union doesn't have an obligation to represent you. Be strong and good luck. Yes, you should get the dollar after 30/90, something like that. Find out where your union hall is and get use to calling them. Get a contract.
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    If you have an open sort let the heavy ones for the top belt go on down the line. We are teamsters so let someone else on the team get it. Just try to blend in and by the way you are in the union.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe.
    I started unloading the summer of 1977. Because of your slight build, you should have an easier time working in the heat than some of your fellow employees who sport a beer belly.
    Don't be afraid to shut down the belt if the flow becomes to heavy. Yes, you are in the union now and, as a result, carry a lot more weight than your 135 pounds.
    Good first post.